Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Bye My Kinder

Me:  Triple H ismore bulky then Randy Orton.
C:  Yeah, and hegets his hair wet so he can smell good for work.

C:  I told thekids at school that Carlee can count.
Me:  Honey, shecan’t count, she is only a few weeks old.
C:  She cancount, she can hold up five fingers when I ask her.

'Get off ofme dad, your going to fussacate [suffocate] me.'

'Carlee youcan be a WWE diva when you grow up! Instead of Kelly-Kelly you can beCarlee-Carlee.'
WWE Kelly-Kelly

'Mom you needto get exercise so you can get flat like me.'

Me:  Aren't you going to miss kindergarten and your teachers a little bit?
C:   I can see them in the hall next year...lets get on with summer break.

Good Bye My Little Kinder
Today was the last day of school.  What a difference a year makes.  I am proud of you Connor.  You were blessed with gifted teachers, and you worked hard and achieved much .  

You are my perfectly imperfect boy.  I love you!

First Day of School

First Day of School

Last Day of School

Last Day of  School

Adventures in Kindergarten:
Field Trip...No We Can NOT take him Home.


Fire Safety- How to get OUT of a smoky house (exp. if mom is cooking).




Turtle Connor

Bye Little Kinders!  You are a special and wonderful part of Connor's kindergarten year.  
We know you will love next year when you will be BIG first graders! (weep) (sniff) (sniff)

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