Saturday, May 12, 2012

From the Mind of Connor

MY Connor….he is certainly my child, always transporting me back to the days when I was six.  We are a lot alike.  He challenges me every minute.  From the moment he was born he had his own way of doing things and he is as stubborn as a mule.  I call his mind The Rolodex because he is constantly talking and switches topics in mid-sentence.   When he is telling a story or stories he refuses to listen, answer questions, or to be corrected.  It can be very frustrating.  One thing about this boy is that he has something most children don’t have today…an extremely vivid imagination.  Despite the fact, that his parents (like most) purchase him WAY too many toys, he prefers to play with recyclables.  I have to be careful or he will literally fish things out of the trash for a new invention or idea.  I also have to be careful because he has been known to sneak in my jewelry box to create a crown for GI Joe or raid my makeup to create a mask for himself.  He has also been known to use an entire container of baby powder to create smoke for his race cars.   Just this morning he was up and at em’ at 6:30am and this is what greeted me at the steps:

Solo Cups for Fireworks as he enters the "ring".

He fished a breast shield (unused) out of the trash (obviously not knowing what it is) for an "invisible shield tree protectant" from the killer octopus...  The birds should be safe.

Sadly, Spike his lizard passed away when dad left the cage outside.  But, he has decided to use the top of the aquarium for a chain fence for these men to break down.

Although, Connor has one of these......
he prefers to use his own homemade "Intercontinental Championship Belt" made from a paper plate and my scarf (the scarf doubles as a Ric Flair costume).

A bag chord allows the Macho Man to make a "flying"  grand entrance.

Carlee's old diaper box is used for a cell match.

Scuba diving in the living room.  His nose piece is from the dentist a year ago when he had to be gassed.

Solo cups.. now a city.  (I don't guess we are drinking out of these today.)

An old Advertisement Connor created for the upcoming Wrestling Matches.

I am truly praying that he will always harness his creativity into good and not bad (after all those red solo cups can be used for other things).

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