Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall at the Mount

I treasure my weekends.
I treasure Fall.

I treasure this bunch!

This weekend we had time for breakfast, 
and sightseeing in the back of the truck.  
(A quick stroll around the neighborhood.)

God's Paintbrush

The leaves are turning early this year.

Sunday Church on the Mount
During service, 
I gave a chat today about helping Connor with scriptures.
I was actually nervous.

God has this situation under control.

Remember Sprout?  
Isn't he a cutie pie?
Carlee is going to be so mad she missed him.

Football on the Mount.

After church, the boys took me for a hike.
Who needs a personal trainer?

The park was busy today, and these two had people laughing everywhere.
I was keeping mental notes so I could write them down.

"Did you see a bear?  Are they like walking around this place!?! I don't want to hike."  -C.
"No Connor.  But there are killer snakes, right sir?"  -B.
"Oh good."  -C.


"Wow, you can see my house."  -B.
"It's like you can see the earth from here."  -C.

"We are not taking the strenous trail.  I don't even think children are allowed."  -Me  (and I'm out of shape)
"We are not children, we are men."  -B.
"Yeah!  I have a chest hair!"  -C.

(Connor is afraid of heights, but B. brought him to the overlook.)

"Don't touch me."  -C.
"Connor, I'm telling you right now that if you fall I'm jumping after you to save your life."  -B.

Cutie Pies

A Selfie
(AKA.  a little excuse to please let us stop so I don't have a heart attack.)

No Shirt. NO Problem.

"Isn't it cool how they made these steps to look like rock."  -B.

"Hey B., those holes are in the rocks because of all the mountain climbers."  -C.

"On the other side, do you end up in Chicago like Eminem in 8 miles?"  -C.

Happy Fall!

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