Saturday, September 27, 2014


Carlee's first day of daycare.

Carlee Today

She has her own personal style, and you better not try to argue it.
(Check out the pink leggings to go with the independent hand washing!)

Carlee's Style:

The Seashore Smock
(she had to try on two before the final decision on this one)

The 'Kiss My Pink Shoe' 
(I'm so mad I could kick someone.)

Classic White T.

Pink Pleats
(for a ride in the back of dad's dirty truck!?!)

Butterfly and Ponytails

 Tutu Paired with a Puffy Aluminum Jacket
(in 77 degree weather)

or in Puffy Pink (signature color)
(for when your feeling more blush)

Flowing Flowers
(Nothing like a 9pm swim in the tub.)

Daisy Duke
(I agree, it's hard for anyone to pull off Daisy Dukes....Goodwill pile it will go.)

Sararose Halter Cotton Dress
(I think my hair needs to go up for this one.)

Crinoline Fun 

I love my FAB Sleeveless Cherry Dress...
minus Mondays.

Summer Princess 

Pale Buffount Skirt and Leggings

The Less is More Look
Trailer Park Attire
(yes, that would be two pairs of undies)

Carlee you are soooo Vogue.

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