Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to Teach Like a Pro

This is my 13th year of teaching.
I consider myself a bit of a PRO.  I mean 13 years is a long time.
Take this week,  we are going to The Fair, and I have devised an entire unit on this trip!  
We will learn about animals, maps, vocabulary, text, art... it's amazing what you can do with the County Fair.

Today we had a scientific lesson on the makings of cotton candy and we got a few things on video (below).  I won't be one bit surprised if this takes me right to the top.  
I will be expecting Bill Gates to call and fly me to his school any day now as both cotton candy expert and guest speaker.  Please feel free to borrow this lesson.

Cotton Candy Making 101

Scientific Method
Purpose (state the problem):
How do I make cotton candy while maintaining a balance of learning and complete control while not losing my job?

Research (find out about the topic):
My research shows that it doesn't take very much sugar to make a BOAT load of cotton candy.  Do not add extra and remove parts.  Additionally, the devil ingredients start out white and then turn pink.  That research in turn tells me red dye is involved with the sugar.  Therefore the formula of Sugar + Dye * Kids + more of them than us - 100% of control =  BAD. VERY BAD.

Hypothesis  (predict the outcome):
I predict the children will take over the room and turn it into a land of cotton candy dreams.

Experiment (develop a procedure to test the hypothesis):
First, we will try not to stick to the wall.
Second, we will give the illusion of actually doing this again.
Third, we will have early recess.
Fourth, we will never speak of this event again.

Analysis (record the results of this experiment):
I can't record this answer, it is too embarrassing.

Conclusion (compare the hypothesis to the experiment's conclusion):
The conclusion to this experiment is that you should read the directions to any machine before turning it on (even more important if you haven't used it).  Further, you should try this when there are not actual children in the room.  Lastly, my utmost forgiveness to the custodian.

The Pro

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