Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Clue in the Shape Box: A Cagney and Lacey Mystery

This morning I had the blessing to help cover the nursery.  I don't get to go to the nursery often because I work with the older children, but it always feels up my cup to work with the youngest children at our church.  
I definitely think it is time for a third installment of Cagney and Lacey.  
I'm a little sad, because it won't be long before these babies/tots outgrow Cagney and Lacey, so enjoy all this cuteness.

Part I:  here
Part II:  here

Hey Lacey, look at this!  
It's a mysterious clue in the shape box.

What does this mean?  It's fine to be round when the weather is fair, but there are times when it’s better to be a.....

Oh Goody Cagney! 
I love solving mysteries, almost as much as I love Minnie Mouse high heels!

Now where is that Lt. Bert?

Oh No Ladies,
my papa said he was rescuing me on his tractor.
I'm just hanging out,  

minding my own business.

Oh come on Lt. Bert!
We need your help. again.

All right!  All right!  
There better be a matchbox car in this for me.
Let me start the investigation.  
It says here:  God made different shapes.
 We need to look for a shape with four sides.

Does this have four sides?
I always thought Mr. Potato had a mysterious side, 
but what about four sides?

Cagney, help!
I think this lady is trying to turn Mr. Potato head into Au Gratin. 

That's just Mommy.
Don't worry, she was probably wiping his nose, or rather putting it on his face.  
She wipes noses and makes kids eat all their vegetables, 
but she is totally cool and gives good kisses.

I can't work under these conditions.
I have to see what is in the kitchen.

Oh this is good Cagney.   
It tastes like a shape.
A circle, I think?

Let me try Lacey.
Yep, it's a circle all right.
It doesn't have four sides.

Here is another shape, I think, or a big earring.
My mom likes big earrings.

No, that it isn't the shape we need.  
Everybody get quiet.
I think I hear something.
Near the barn....

A shape!
Anddddd, it's another circle.

Don't worry Cagney, my explorations led me to another shape!
Oops.  Another Circle.  This is hard.
Are we going to have to call Dora the Explorer or what?

I'm telling you Cagney and Lacey, 
these shapes are starting to be a pain in my bum!

That isn't nice Lt. Bert.
This pretend milkshake is wonderful.
Would you say this cup is size- 

No really, 
I'm sitting on actual shapes 
and it is an OWIE on my bottom.

I found another circle.
This is like that old movie Alfred HitchCAT's, The Birds
except instead of birds it is all circles.
What are we going to do!?

I will ask mom.
Mom, any advice?

Mom, I said four sides, not four paws!
I love your cat drawings, but I am working now.  Really, you had to draw a circle face mom?

We need a shape like this, 
errr, ummm,
except with four angles.

We are going to have to put our heads together for this one Lacey.

What do you know?
a circle

You all can keep your fancy technology.
I prefer old school play thank you very much.
I'm just waiting on this old PC to load up. 

My research says if we look at tires we will find another shape.

Lt. Bert, I don't know how to tell you this, but all those tires are...

Wait everyone, here comes someone.  
Wow, we will have to choke down a lot of brussel sprouts to get that tall.
I think he is holding a shape!
What is it?

A circle!!!

oh boy, oh boy.
This case may not be solved before the end of Sunday School, 
and I have plans with my parents, it involves dancing and Wheels on the Bus!
We need backup.

Detective Smiley here.
Shape and Patty Cake Expert

My partner Inspector E. is here to help-
he says the shape your looking for is a Square!

It looks like the shape you want, is right up above your head!
A square in the form of .....

Way ahead of you Detective Smiley.
Is that what that shape is called?
All this time I just thought is was called 'Yummy'.

Snack time Team- 
we are having Tasty Squares!
We have worked hard for this 'Yummy'.

I will be right there Lacey, 
I want to finally put these shapes in the right place.
I'm always working overtime.

Another successful church nursery mystery solved.
Case Closed

And, we hardly left a mess for our mommies.

It's fine to be round when the weather is fair, but there are times when it’s better to be a.....
SQUARE! (or bear, I hope it's square, because I don't like to hibernate).
-Cagney and Lacey

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