Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Case of the Missing Cookies (a nursery mystery)

The Adventures of Cagney and Lacey:
in the Case of the Missing Cookies
(the church nursery version)

Lacey I don't know about you, but I'm starving for some cookies!

Me too Cagney, I'm so hungry I'm eating my sock!
Must find Cookies.

Give me five momentos to get out of this contraption.  
I think the combo is: pull-tug-tug-place in mouth-tug.

I even wore my shoes 
 built for speed for our latest mission.

Detective Dora here. 
Here to help.
I know nothing about cookies. I swear.

Mayday!  Mayday!  One shoe down! One shoe down!
Get me outta' here.

Detective Dora at your service.
Need a shoe?*

(*special note- the shoe appears closer in photo than real life.  Camera holder was very close, making sure no one was kicked in the investigation.)

Detective Dora and Lacey- you are not helping.
We need Lt. Bert.
Oh, Lt. Beerrrttttt! BERT!

I don't want to get involved ladies.

I just want to read my book and run my mom around this room in peace ladies.

Lt. Bert I am going to sit hear nicely with my hands crossed. 
You have three seconds before I scream my head off to get out.
So get over here PLEASE.

Ok, ok.  Here I am to assist in anyway.
Just a little twist, twist, turn, twist...

and you will be out of here in no time to find the cookies.
BTW- I want my share.

Finally.  Now time for some investigation.
No clues over here Lacey.

Detective Dora over here.  
Just hangin' out making cookies...I mean um, errrr, 
making vegetables. Yeah, thats right. Vegetables.
I know nothing.

Well there are cookies over here, 
cookies for the COOKIE MONSTER.  
haaaaaaaa. haaaaaaaa.
I just made a Sesame Street joke. Man, I'm funny.

No time for jokes Lt. Bert.
I may have one shoe, but I still plan to scale this wall until I find those cookies!

Right On Cagney, I'm coming with you.

Maybe if you girls lifted heavy boxes like this for your mom to open you would not have any trouble climbing that wall.

Any sign of cookies Lt. Bert?
No, but I bet my mom wishes that lady would put down the camera while she is wrangling all of us.

Hey wait a minute....standing, standing...I might get to WALK to the cookies, creating speed and agility and....
and down.  Never mind about that plan.

Hey this book provides a clue.
God made everything.
God made cookies.
I knew we were on the right track.

Did somebody say cookies?
I know nothing of cookies.

What are you doing Lt. Bert?
I'm calling my grandma.  She is in the other room and she will bring us whatever we need.

Did she pick up?
No, but I'll text her.
As soon as she gets the SOS she will be here.

Ok Detective Dora...Where are the cookies?  
I know you know something.  
Cagney get over here. Dora knows something. Cagney??

Sorry Lacey.  I've got to get some type of nutrition before my next mission.  My mom thinks she is getting a nap, but that isn't happening.
he. he.

I'll just be over here.  hiding.
Really.  I know nothing of this word cookie.

At least I have you Lt. Bert.

Absolutely.  I will not STOP until every cookie in this church is in our........DADDY!!!
Sorry Lacey, I gotta go.

Woe is me.  I didn't find the cookies 
but I know looking out at this cold, dark world those wonderful cookies are out there waiting on me...and I won't give up until the mission is complete.

I thought they would never leave.
Cookie TIME!!!

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