Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week in Review

This is what January's Calendar Looked Like....

And this is what February's Calendar is starting to look like.
Is Summer Near??? please.

Cold Weather= Homemade Potato Soup
Milk, Potatoes, Flour, Seasoning, Ham... done and easy.

It was very exciting to not only see snow at school
but to also LEAVE Early!

We had a bit of a snowy drive home.

Very Sick Baby

Things to do while your at the doctor when waiting forrrrreeeeever:

1.  brush hair

2. eat a snack

3. play peek a boo (she wasn't into it)

4. clean out bags

5. roll around the office room in the Doc's rolling chair (while taking pictures)

6.  read every sign on the back of the door as you rant in your head that you hope the doctor arrives because our wait time is dangerously nearing nap time and you don't want your child to start screaming and you don't want her to nap in the car because when you move her in the house she will wake up and the whole day is disrupted.....SO HURRY UP!!!

ANOTHER Baby Dedication
at church this morning.
my fav. moments

Growing Fast.  Just Beautiful.

Helping with brother's Pinewood Derby Car.
Daddy's Girl?

A Pinterest Project that my neighbor showed me on F.B.
It looked easy but it took years off my life.
I ruined two pictures frames before I got this out.

(the background matches our new accent wall)

This is Connor's first baby year.  I orginally had tiny little photos displayed in a circle frame.  You really couldn't see him, so I wanted to do something different for both him and Carlee to display in our newly painted living room.  
I enlarged his pictures and used 
the project idea
ribbon instead of twine.  It turned out long as no one 
a. looks at the back
b. touches it
c. breaths on it

And then someone turns 7 and acts like the shopping cart is a 7-47 giving his sister a ride and it turns crazy.

The weeks just keep flying fast.

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