Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 11 Months Carlee

Happy 11 Months Carlee

One more month... what a year!

-Your hair has it's own personality.

-Your making more sounds- mama, dada, mmm, yaya, baba, gaga, etc.   Your like an animal when you want another bite of food..growling and hissing.

-You cry when I have to leave "bye bye"
(it just breaks my heart to see your face crumble)

-Your two front teeth came in fully at nearly the same time! 

-You love to hand us things and we make such a big deal about it, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

-You will now spit out anything in your mouth if we tell you.  We have retrieved 1. tissue  2. Squinkie  3.  mini-WWE wrestling belt

-LOVES: bubble baths, Buddy Love (our dog), your silky, paci (you still use your very first one, pink with an owl), and Connor.

-You play a mean patty cake.

-Standing independently.
Maybe close to walking. 
You remind me of a baby colt trying to learn to walk.

-You started at 10 pounds and now you weigh 20 pounds.  (I gave you a big head start girl).

-Surprisingly, you easily entertain your self.  
You play alone often, and you follow me around on Saturday morning...just quietly watching me clean.

-Morning Routine with Dad: 
eat banana, drink milk, and watch country music videos until meme arrives

-You love the beginning song to Texas Walker Ranger.  Sometimes we have to rewind it.

-You play peekaboo with your blankie.

-Wow Carlee, you are getting to be a big girl.
We love you, you BIG Sweetie Pie!!!

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