Friday, January 24, 2014


The day that Connor was born, I looked at that face and saw his father immediately. 
The day he begin to walk and put words together all I saw was myself, and it didn't always paint a pretty picture.
Too much energy, the need to talk winning over common sense, attention seeker, forgetful, social, imaginative, sensitive.....

When your a child, the world isn't exactly set up for the hyperactive, the whimsical, and the strong willed.  
I know the story well.

Lucky, God already called it and said all children are 'fearfully and wonderfully made'.  Too many adults don't get it, and sometimes I don't.

we celebrate because at school... 
this BOY was a GOLD Medalist in Good Behavior for the first time ever.

We take nothing for granted,  
because this doesn't happen daily.

You Go Gold!



  1. You go gold medalist Connor!! Whoop whoop!!! Tell him I love him to death and I'm very proud of him!! ~ Olivia<3

  2. Thanks Olivia! You are a GOLD medalist for being a great COUSIN! We love you.