Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014

Happy New Year!

 I reviewed my 2013 New Year's Resolution, and then I reviewed my 2012 New Year's Resolution, and then I reviewed my 2011 New Year's Resolution, and I consistently did not meet any New Year's Resolution.
The bottom line is you can't predict life.  I didn't anticipate the level of responsibilities, a crying or sick baby, a lack of sleep, tiredness, emotions, reading struggles, a hurting friend, work changes, family changes
 .... life happens and New Year's Resolutions go to the back seat.

This year I just resolve to handle life in the best way that I can, and to be present in the moment- in prayer, in scripture, in laughter, in forgiveness, in hope.

2013 Recap:

First Grade Finished

Tiger Scout to Basketball Player, 
#1 Tutor, Air Show, First College Game, First 2 pts.

Harlem Shake

#1 Big Brother, Second Grade, Monster U Party,
8 Years Old

First steps, New Shoes, Words, #1 Birthday

#1, #2, #3 Haircut, Girl Time, Daddy's Girl

Summer Vacation

J. becoming a Grandma

Killing Karaoke


Hosting First Lemonlicious Lunch

Best Teaching Assistants, Drama Queen, Pumpkin Patch,
Rap Debut (& Retirement)

Youth, Painting Burnt Squash, 
Mrs. L. to the Big City

Mrs. E. Overcoming Cancer, Meeting Eric Carle, 
Growing Friendships, 10 Years Married


#thankstoGod  #blessed  #newyear

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