Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Project Mania on a Budget

If you ask any teacher or state employee they will say that January is the hardest time of year to budget your money.  You have to make that check last for 6 weeks.  
School shopping isn't in the cards.  

This year I have some brand new challenges.  I actually have my first hearing impaired child.  My teaching has me delving even further into the world of language.   There is an intensive plan but no handbook to accomplishing it.  It has required me to do a lot of independent research.   
This vacation I have been trying to create a therapy bag that contains some hands on projects and concrete items to use in my units, and I've tried to do it on a budget.  It has been school project mania. 

This free Bitsboard app for the ipad is great for introducing new words and language, I've even been using it some with Carlee.  You can create a set of visuals and it allows you to play games, reads words, and gives an assessment.

The Mitten-
I found a spinner online, student can say or match the animal, and place in the mitten (probability for older students).

Mouse Count:  
I'm not sure if my mice look more like rabbits, teddy bears, or kittens, but it was the best I could do.

Thankfully Connor has about 25 fake snakes in his room.

Cut Sponges= Shape Paints

At the end of the month, I do a penguin unit.  One of the new words I introduce is 'slide'.  The only slide I could find in Connor's closet is part of a shark escape.  See the fins?

These happen to be Arctic penguins.  I covered up the fins with (cotton ball) snow.

I really could use a doll house to teach basic words, but all I have is the Gothic City Jail.  I found it in Connor's Goodwill pile. 

I covered up Batman's villains with some flowery stickers, and turned Gotham City Jail sign into a Welcome Sign.


I have NO idea what this is at the Gotham City Jail.  Electric Chair?

The electric chair is now a set of drapes.

2 for $1 Ice Trays=  Ten Frames

DIY- Snow Play Set
The grass (fake moss) and blue streamers (water) were getting everywhere, so I bagged them up before laying them in the tub.

Now a snowy town.  
I should probably put snow on the homes and in the sky? 
perhaps glitter?

I don't actually have a family play set, but I did find Scooby Doo and the gang in Connor's closet (and this naked baby I used for Moses one time).

"Hey Scoobs, this sure is a creepy phantom ghost town!  
Let's get the heck out of this classroom!"

Velma making a snow angel.
Winter Writing Project:  If I were trapped in a snow globe....

materials- students draw a small winter background,
 concrete glue, a cut up box, a picture of a student, clear plastic cup, and epson salts.

Connor was my guinea pig.

I am not sure which way works better.

This is a great clip to inspire a snow globe story-
Pixar Knick Knack

Candy Land- Language Edition
review prior words (and you could use it as a sight word game).
It's pretty easy, read the card before you can move spaces.

I figure I will 1.  do some good teaching  or 2. confuse the heck out of the children.
Either way, I have a cool playhouse now.

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