Sunday, December 15, 2013

Family Stars

What a weekend!
I'm pooped, but it was great.

I left work Friday feeling so depleted and down, so I am thanking God for reminding me of the important gifts in life.

I felt well enough to watch Connor play his second basketball game!  
I speed ordered some ear buds to assist with the noise. 
The last game went terrible due to the LOUD stop clock.  

Once the stress of the noise was diminished, he had a fantastic time!

Connor and Dad

Although, it was a little hard to hear directions.  Connor just roamed the court, oblivious to coach calling his name.

I got tickled because he guarded this pretty girl the whole time.  I saw him chatting with her and she would laugh.  I definitely think Connor is more into the "social" aspect of the game over the competitiveness.

Baby Carlee watched her brother the whole time! 
#1 Cheerleader

He even made a basket, a score, a goal...I don't know what you call it.

By the end of the weekend he was telling everyone he did a 360 degree dunk!
(Just a slight exaggeration.)

The best part was cousins O and O came out to cheer him on, and then took him out for celebration pizza!

We are talking a full buffet of pizza!
Double YUMMO
What a treat to be together as a family, to love and celebrate the "slam dunks" in life.
Your a STAR to us Connor.

DORT (disciples of round table) sunday school girls in all our tacky glory!
That night was a wacky, tacky Christmas party.
Darren opted out, but I just couldn't turn down a party, much less a tacky Christmas party!
Off I went by myself
....I couldn't stay long, but the food and fellowship was well worth the drive.
(plus my outfit rocks)

Gingerbread Man at Church

Psalm 139:
13 For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a]
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.

One thing God showed me through the youth and children-
God created you, and it wasn't an accident.  Don't let others determine who you are or who you are NOT simply because they don't understand or agree.


"God never changes his mind about the people he calls and the gifts he gives them." Romans 11:29 (NCV)

Tonight was showtime!  
I played the North Star in the Christmas play tonight.
The North Star is totally full of herself and totally full of DRAMA.
(I loved her!)

Prep work was great fun.  
I looked everywhere for a movie star dress. I finally found a discounted (party, pink, plus, peasant dress to be exact) on discount for 25.00!
I later decided to wear a sparkly jacket and purple tights.

This morning in church, a child asked why I had white hair in the front, so I decided to give my hair a little Clairol #119 before showtime!

It took a lot of work....

but I totally achieved DIVA STAR status.

After the play everyone told me how perfect I was to play a DIVA. I was like...ummmmm.... gee.... thanks...I think.....
(I'm taking this as I'm a movie star and not a jerk, ignorance is bliss.)

I actually flubbed up a few lines, but Nova kept going (thank goodness).
Every Christmas play I get stuck in the side room before showtime.  The room is too small, too hot, and there are too many people.  The weird thing is I actually love it because I always get to know people from my church a little bit better. 
This year I got stuck in with several youth, the youth minister, his future wife the angel, and three little (gassy) clouds.  (No. really they were GASSY.)

I enjoyed my time laughing and bonding in that little room with everyone (minus the gas)!
The STARS:  
these little boys and girls were so amazing in telling the story of Christ Born!
They touched so many at such a young age.

My favorite part was the Christmas music at the end.
I love to hear children singing Christmas music.

The manger feeding area.

My little wise man and baby lamb.

My little lamb- so happy to be in a lamb costume (not).

'Glory Be to God!' -Angel

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