Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Recap!

I've packed up all four tubs of Christmas decorations, bagged up old clothing and toys, and have begun to work on lesson plans for the New Year.  
I really miss my relaxing Christmas week already. 
I just love the time of year when the world slows down a bit and celebrates.

Sunday Best- 
shinny, shimmery, and gleaming Christmas outfits at church


Cousin Tru and Uncle Cody- 
Tru is a December baby.  Happy Birthday Tru!

purple boots, ice cream money from Mrs. E., Youth Christmas Party, and Connor helping me wrap presents.

Sugar Cookies

Christmas Morning-
I really thought Santa was going to disappoint.  We ordered Connor's major gift on December 10, and it still hasn't come in the mail YET.  
Of course, all he talked about on Christmas Eve, "I hope Santa brings me an Andy Dalton jersey!"  oh boy.  Every time he would say that, Darren and I would cringe.  
Additionally, Connor's football gloves didn't fit and his kindle cover didn't come in...  I just thought Santa was terrible.

Connor had a letter Christmas morning.
I was so worried about it all.
Of course, he really didn't seem to care or notice it- proclaiming it 'the best Christmas'.  silly parents.


The special gift from mom and dad was the Kindle Fire 7 inch.  I would normally never purchase something like this, but a Facebook friend posted it for sale at a REALLY great price.  It is like brand new.

As you can see from the picture, Connor turned a flip when he saw it.  He asked me if it was 'for rent' or to 'keep'.    
The snazzy blue cover for it came the very next day.

He even read a book to me from it on Christmas Day.  
It was awesome.

Carlee really wasn't into the whole unwrapping presents, until Connor showed her how.
She loved the wrapping paper best of all.


She loves to clean and she loves shoes, so Santa gave her the best of both.

I tried to get in on the action, but they just wouldn't fit!

On to Nana and Papa's house!


Carlee begin to get into the action a little more as the day progressed, she just loved on her baby Dora.
Connor scored a jersey from Clemson (I think he is trying to start an athletic jersey collection).

Facetime with cousins in England.   
Uncle A. is in the Airforce and they are getting ready for a BIG move in the New Year- finally the USA!    

Aunt M. made sure Santa brought a lot of great gifts for a LONGGGG flight!  Perfect for four energetic boys.  They have the best (proper) english accents.  

Carlee cut my Facetime down by making me sweep.

More Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, and GIFTS. oh my.
....and more jerseys.  Go Panthers!

We had so much fun opening gifts, but as the family expands so does the time.
It takes hours for everyone to unwrap,
 but as they say, time flies when you are having fun!

Carlee really warmed up to Christmas here.  
Boy Howdy, a set of MORE high heels, a bouncy ball, and a luxurious recliner.
(somebody thinks she is a princess)

I may be hard at work, 
but some people get to play!

But the BEST gift of all- The BUBBLES.

Happy New Year-
God Bless Your Families

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