Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend of Rejuvenation

What a great weekend of rejuvenation!  
It really has been one of those rare weekends where everything just falls into place.  You know what I mean- when the baby naps at just the right time to complete a project, when the chores don't take as long as you thought, when you are able to implement a new idea without complications, when the weather is perfect and no one feels sick.  It was just one of those rare weekends.  
I feel rejuvenated.

Friday:  Mrs. E. is back.  We have been up to our usual shenanigans.  Mrs. C.  had the great idea to have a celebration lunch! Don't worry, that is just some tasty punch in those plastic cups.  Although we did fool a few people thinking we were having some kind of party.  It's not too far of a stretch.  I think my natural personality is that of an alcohol induced person...hyper, loud, laughing..... but really it's just my personality (more so after cake).
Yummy, yum, yum, yum.
(peanut butter fudge was the best)

Two of the most beautiful women I know.

My Friend's Birthday Party in STYLE.  
She had a limo that took us around town baby!  
I was so excited.  
I painted my toes purple and put on a flowy pink skirt.  I was in heaven.  
Me in a limo- Highfalutin!
I wish my allergies weren't so bad.  It was a lovely day to eat outside.
Lunch was great (minus my massive spill- sorry  :)).
Of course, if food is involved it doesn't have to be anything fancy for me to love it.  
The weather was gorgeous- God paintings everywhere.

My children helped me "clean".  I was trying to make the bed here.  Notice Carlee model her mama.  Meanwhile, Connor asked for the Dirt Devil to clean a picture.  His dad may have asked the same question. We try.

Fun, loving, happy, inquisitive children!  
My birth children are missing here.  
Apparently, Darren had a wardrobe malfunction combined with a few hissy fits and a little nap while I was away, causing an absence at church this morning.  Two against one.

Still, it was a 'feel good' morning.  
But Jesus immediately said to them:  "Take courage!  It is I.  Don't be afraid."  Don't be afraid in life, Jesus won't let you drown in your problems.

Farmer's Market:

mmmmm. flowers.

mmmm. chocolate cake.

mmmmm.  strawberries!

The best part was when Connor ate fried okra thinking it was popcorn chicken. He did politely hold it in his mouth until we found a napkin.

Nap Time!

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