Friday, April 19, 2013

and It Was Good

What a week!  
Busy but Good.

My heart and prayers have been with those in Boston.  I don’t know how a community can get through such horrific events, but as always I am amazed at the love, sacrifice, and determination of all people in these times.  The law enforcement and medical professionals have worked tirelessly.  They are really amazing.

I’ve tried really hard to keep my TV turned off and my mind filled with good things.  I once read a woman’s greatest fear is something happening to her children and a man’s greatest fear is not providing for his children.  I don’t know if that is true, but every time I turn on the news... I put myself in the shoes of the mothers.  
My heart aches for all the mothers and fathers.  

I also learned that Connor tunes into adult conversations more than he should.  For example, Connor was the one who told me about Boston.  We were at a restaurant.  Darren and I were eating and talking about our day when my Connor shouted “a bomb went off in New York and killed people!”  I told him to be quiet, I told him that wasn’t nice to say or yell.  Then he pointed to the flat screen television screen at the top corner of the eatery.  "It's on the TV!!"
The same Connor whom you couldn’t PAY to follow specific directions, the child who couldn’t wouldn’t answer one question about his day, who was playing with a plastic toy wrestler at the table, who is only 7 years old- was able to see a television with no volume in the corner of the restaurant and piece together that a bomb had went off, a terrorist was involved, a big city was involved, and that people were hurt.  I have never spoken directly to him about these things but yet he knew all about them.
How long had he been watching? Isn’t it interesting what children pay attention to?  Isn’t it amazing what they know at a young age? 
We parents need to get our game face on because this generation is too comfortable with the world.

So this week I have chosen to quit making myself sick with worry,  and take this day God has given me and make it good. 

My allergies have waged WAR in this Spring weather but I didn't care because...
watching C and C outside was the highlight of my week.  
Watching a baby explore outside for the first time brings MAJOR JOY!



I also tried some healthy dishes this week.  
The Result-  Lots of LEFTOVERS.  My family was NOT into it.  I'm trying to get them to turn away from the boxed stuff.

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna- I loved it.
After I baked- I mixed with marinara sauce and cheese(s).

greek yogurt, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, garlic

Garlic White Sauce Over Whole Wheat Pasta & Pineapple Ham


I enjoyed cooking and eating it with a little less guilt.
It was good. (to me.)

This Week:
Science Day at SCHOOL

I met so many of my former students teaching Science Day to our little ones!
First I can't believe I'm this old, 
Second, I can't believe I'm this old.

Preparing for Earth Day!
This is our super talented ART teacher letting the kiddos show off their amazing art work to me.
Let me tell you, 
they were so proud, and as you can see they had every reason to show off!

Long Day of Kindergarten Screening this week.

It made me a little sad because I remember like 5 minutes ago this guy's first day of kindergarten:

Where is the time going?
There were a few parents with tears in their eyes as they arrived with their precious, chubby faced, kinders for screening.  I wanted to run to them and say I KNOW!  I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!  I FELT THE SAME WAY! CRY ON MY SHOULDERS!  I GET IT! THIS IS A NEW CHAPTER!
 but I used some self control and ate a cookie instead.

Speaking of....
this guy earned his book completion award this week. 

and God said It was Good.

and this girl...
had to be very brave and get her shots this week.

20 pounds and 29 inches.
Little Gal.

My FAVORITE tonight-
Murder Mystery Dinner at the Local Library

I know most teachers say they LOVE libraries because they have to say that as educators.  But I really LOVE libraries.  I love the look, the smell, the atmosphere.
I love books.
I found it to be totally romantic and appropriate that Carrie Bradshaw marry BIG at the NYC Library (until he stood her up).
Tonight, I had the best time at the Murder Mystery Dinner.  
I couldn't believe the whole town didn't pack out the library to see this hilarious and entertaining performance.

Oh My I couldn't wait to find out WHODUNNIT!
 *Warning- Spoilers Ahead

Right away I begin to investigating!
I knew it wasn't Donnatella Stringer- the brass reporter.
too obvious.

Perhaps the disgruntled Ms. Joanna Vark?  The overworked and underpaid assistant?

Of course during the appetizer, I guessed how the murder was going down.
See my notes..
Poison in the Soup

Leona Birdwell is a GONER.
(it was the soup.  he. he.)

The former FBI agent and bodyguard Cliff was on the case.
I immediately suspected him until he took himself out of the running.

So thennnnnn....
I just knew Kitsey Frost was the culprit.
I know it was you missy, you just looked sneaky the whole time.

 I adored Louise "Easy" Pickens and Cripin Birdwell.  
They were front runners to be the murderers from the beginning.

I had to stop investigating long enough to partake in dessert.

More Notes:
(hey I was into it...don't judge me on a Friday night)

Questions from the audience.
My favorite questions: "What is Louise "Easy" Pickens phone number?"

My table got to work.
I guessed from the beginning Kitsey Frost, 
but of course I was sitting at the table with TWO reporters who guessed that Drew was the long lost son, who accidentally killed his (gasp) mother...

And darn it, they were right!
They had the whole plot figured out.
And here I was thinking I was the clever one!

 And "Easy" and Crispin made off with the money!
What a fun event! 
I adored it.

And It Was a Good Week!

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