Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family Quotes


-You are the sweetest little darling doll.  
-You are careful and cautious.
-As you get older, you tend to reach and crawl over to daddy a lot more.
-When mom or dad have to scold you with NO, you actually listen but your little face crumples and you cry like your feelings are hurt.  
This is so different from your ‘you know who’ (rhymes with Ronnor).  His iron clad strong WILL resulted in him yelling, screaming NO, or trying it "one more time" for good measure.
-You are walking, walking, walking.
-You love Buddy Love.
-You are intrigued with grass.
-You can handle rough play.  I’m yelling at Connor and you are laughing like crazy.

I am seeing glimpses of a fine young man.  You work hard on homework, take care of your sister, and are beginning to ask me questions about God and heaven and prayer.

While I think sometimes you are the exact replica of me...(mainly your hyper, outgoing, short fuse, imagination)....your sense of humor and compassion remind me of your daddy.  You always find humor.  That makes me feel good.

Connor:  My piggy bank is never in danger of a money ache because I love to spend my money!

Connor:  My favorite thing about school is the talking stick.  When I get the stick I can talk about anything I want.
Me:  Don't tell me you talk about wrestling the whole time!
Connor:  Yes.
Me:  Please talk about something else in school.
Connor:  I can't help it mom, wrestling is my LIFE!

Me and J. are BFS.
Me:  Don't you mean BFFs?
Connor:  That is what I said. We are double BFS.

(mexican eatery, waitress takes order)
Me:  I would like a tea please.
Could you bring out some guacamole?
Is 'guacamole' spanish for 'sweet tea'?

Mom you really look beautiful.
Even in those glasses.


Connor:  I want Blow Heads Candy for Easter.
Me:  Do you mean Air Head Candy?
Connor:  Thats what I said. I want Blow Heads for Easter.


Darren:  You take good care of your mama, kids, and the pets.  It is so sweet that you give Carlee her bath, then blow dry and brush her hair so that she won't get cold.  You are trying to teach Connor to be responsible with his money.  I enjoy the philosophical conversation.  "For every 3.00 you save I will give you a 1.00." "Great dad!  Can I buy Big Daddy Diesel with 4.00!"  "No, we are saving...just put it in the bank."  "But I want..." "You are NOT spending it."

Me:  Oh my gosh.  You look so old in these pictures.  You look like somebody's dad!!
Darren:  Don't put that on Facebook.  I want people to remember how I use to look.

Me:  Connor's legs are so skinny, like your legs.
Darren:  Our legs are built for speed, not looks.

Darren:  The doctor said my face looked "inflamed".
I explained that is called a fat face.  

Me-  I like that.  I'll say my waistline is inflamed.  

Me:  I know there has to be some fountain of youth secret in Hollywood, these 60 year old women look like they are 20!?!
Darren:  The fountain of youth-  money!   Money buys the fountain of youth.
Darren-  Instead of an electric cigarette, you need an electric doughnut.

Me:  I'm so hungry I could eat a hostage.
D:  So your not as  hungry as a hostage, your just going to eat the hostage.
Me:  You know what I mean.

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