Sunday, March 8, 2015

Tea for Tot

You are cordially invited to Princess Carlee's #3 Birthday Party

All Prince, Princesses, and even Pirates are invited to the Royal Location to celebrate this joyous occasion! 

I knew Carlee was all girl when I took her to the party and she said 'look at my table'. 


This flower centerpiece was the same one made for me on my wedding day.  (I had a Cinderella wedding.)

What a joy to share it with Carlee on her very special birthday!

We found the perfect cake, but it was even more perfect when I found this doll tea set for a few dollars.

Time to Party:
Have you ever had tea and crumpets in the sand?
very filling
Cousin O. was a real help to us all.  

Castle Touring
Master P. (and his mom) helped me set up the royal party.
They are the best!!  

Who let Pirate Connor in the castle!?!

Pirate C. always makes Princess laugh.

Castle Design:  
Children really do have fun with boxes!
This sweet Princess is peeping at me from the drawbridge.

Future Engineers

Princess Pax and Prince E.
(I love this picture.) 

Dress Up and Crown Making   
Looks like a real doll to me...  

Here comes the FUN!

Princess Elsa NO more Snow PLEASE!

The Princess Assistants

Tattoo TIME

Pin the Tea Cup!

MOST Handsome Prince and Baby Prince (formally known as Baby Z.)


She makes it look so good!

Big # 3

We Love You, you little princess!

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