Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

(after time change)


This little girl came down with a cold and slight fever.  
She didn't get much sleep and neither did I.

No Daycare
or Work

She did feel well enough to bust open her Birthday Box of Creativity.
Wands, Princess Magnets, Books, Puzzles, Stickers

Yogurt is so good and so Messy.

Let it Go 
and Put it Together

(check out that belt buckle)

Throwing away our sippy cups and graduating to all big girl cups.

But, NOT throwing away the paci.
I know. I know.

It's time.
But, I have deeply rooted psychological issues with the paci.

Once I took his.....

I never slept again.
(and she is my last baby)

While someone caught up on sleep, someone else cleaned house.  
I have a dream, one day I will nap.

Snack in a Special Bowl


Our first AWANA games.

Can you believe this guy didn't want to go?
Sometimes you have to make these decisions for children

...and he had a great time.
We both did!!

Our shirts were designed by our Awana games coach.  I thought they were really creative and BRIGHT.

C. can't wait for next year.

(Perfectly Imperfect MomS)
I could add 'Praying Sunup to Sundown' then we could be the PIMPSS, 
which may only be funny to me.

Making Cookies
Mmmmmmacadamia Nut

First Sleepover with a Buddy


Gift wrapping a present. 

We had to miss the party, and I'm afraid
the message may be hard to read since Carlee grabbed the markers before I could get her.

 Catching up on The Middle.
This show is great.

I am Frankie Heck.

Working on the stick drama on my back porch,
certain the neighbors think I'm CrAzY.

Color Wonder

Got to Go-
Dinner Time

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