Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gone with the Friend

I have to say that last week was a challenging and long week.  I'm still coming off a cold.
I know my body is telling me to rest and eat better and deal with stress... maybe one day I will listen.

I did have the opportunity for some girl time when I went- Gone with a Friend.

My dear friend C. invited the group to see Gone with the Wind for her birthday.

It was playing at the local theater...

allllll four HOURS of it.
I don't think I've spent four hours on one thing in my life. 

Even during childbirth I multitasked. 


Prior I found the perfect gift:  Gone with the Wind coasters!

Then, I went to work getting ready for the "event".
There wasn't exactly a red carpet but there was a main street leading to the theater and I was going to be ready.  I even got out the IRON for my wrinkled dress (the things I do for friends).

I went bargain shopping for some Gone with the Wind goods.  I found a 3.00 hat and 1.00 child's white glove set that (mostly) fit!

I looked up Gone with the Wind makeup (though it looks a little Japanese Dolly..ish), and 

I found a fan in my drawer!

Carlee helped me make curls in my hair.


Then I had to decide on the navy or the pink shrug.  Darren said the pink shrug looked I decided orange was out!

The whole look was a cross between Gone with the Wind, Fried Green Tomatoes, Mulan, and Paul the Mall Cop.

Here I am in the bathroom recreating the famous "curtain scene" with my shower curtain (not pathetic at all).

Of course, this will ALWAYS be my favorite recreation of the "curtain scene".

Just a few Southern belles.

I ran into a friend that works with the arts council, 

I loved her dress!


Some people think I look like Melanie Hamilton.
I'm certainly not as nice as her character, she was semi getting on my nerves with all that perfection!

Mrs. E. REALLY enjoyed the movie.  
I think she woke up at least twice.

Scarlett would cry if she saw Mrs. E.
(If this movie was a drinking game and one took a tiny sip every time Scarlett cried, everyone would have alcohol poisoning.)


Mrs. E. did laugh once when I told her Melanie should know better than to bring a knife to a gun fight, especially when one is trying to kill a Yankee.

 Anytime with friends is a good time.

Don't worry if you have a bad week....

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