Sunday, March 22, 2015


I arrived just in time for Girl's Day to miss the breakfast appointment, but it was ok because I was still very excited by the agenda!

Let's start the paint!  Each person was given an individualized picture for themselves.  
It was really cool.

Game Time
Guess what this homemade stress ball is made out of?
(I've actually made a homemade stress ball for class.)

I won the eye cream.

Taste Testing

This was hilarious.  It is amazing when blindfolded how the taste of food changes.
The normal food we eat seems different, and we all had trouble guessing the taste.

The one food none of us could guess....

Roasted Seaweed Snacks
We guessed everything from Parsley Leaves, to dried fish, to corn shucks.

Chugging ahead with our Paintings

Music for the Soul
otherwise known as Spring Break Collection
ha. ha.

Apples to Apples
(Rush Limbaugh is most likely Smelly, I can't believe that card didn't win?)

Soaking in the Sun

Dinner was so delicious,

and so was dessert!
We kept it going with the conversation starter cards.

Party Favors
Even better when you are an adult!

It was a little touch and go on my painting.  The sky kept driving me crazy.

I think it turned out well!
Darren hung it up on our wall when I got home.

 We all did good!  We had such a great day.

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