Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Scavengers

It's Spring



Today I knew Darren was off work preparing something special for the kids.

I thought it would be really fun to have a Scavenger Hunt to lead up to the surprise.
Unfortunately, I had a few unexpected things happen.

#1:  I've had a lingering cold foreva!
At the very last minute I thought I would schedule a doctor's appointment.  
I was lucky to get a late afternoon appointment and I am sooo glad I did it.

The sky made me think that there would soon be a monsoon on my scavenger hunt.

After work (and after my doctor's appointment) I finally picked up the boy.

He was so tired from his busy day, but he was ready for clue #1.....

...which was to pick up his sister....

...who was feeling good from her egg hunt and party at daycare.

On to the next clue....

ha. ha. Connor had to read us all a book!
(his least favorite task)

The next two clues had to be tossed out because it involved the park and ice cream!
The kids said they were much too full for ice cream (which means they must have been near death STUFFED from Easter candy).  
My afternoon delay meant the park was going to take too much time.


The next clue led us to chewing gum,
at the drugstore so I could get my antibiotic for a major sinus infection.
(I know, I know,
 this scavenger hunt is going down hill fast.)

After a few more clues, we went on to the very last one....

They still didn't have a "clue".

Finally we were home and ready for a

My very tired children were human kangaroos.
jump. jump. jumping around.

I think they are going to have a blast on their brand, new TRAMPOLINE.

Of course it's all fun and games until....

Sting makes an appearance.  Let's just hope Shawn Michaels doesn't come out and give him the sweet chin music!

Happy Spring Folks!

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