Friday, April 24, 2015

School Blessings

I think everyone has days where they question, is this the job for me?  is this what I should be doing?
Educators everywhere certainly weigh the amount of stress, responsibility, and commitment it takes to do a good job against the rewards of changing the course of a young life.
Luckily, God gives me things to keep me motivated.

This week I was able to join the first grade team during their Dress Fancy DAY!
We all dressed as Prince and Princesses, and then we went to watch the movie Cinderella.
It was great fun!

You all know I'm a PRINCESS fan.

Check out the Dress Fancy Fashion Show:

Lady in Blue

Powder Puff Pink 
and the Prince

Sweet Tea 

Did someone say 80s Wedding?

Hat + Sweater Vest:  Smooth

Snow White

Teal Roses

Love the Boa

Three Piece Sharpness

I never could nab this teacher on the go
loved her skirt (and necklace)

Bow Tie

More Princess 

Fairy Wings

Design for Hair

Teacher Queen and Little King

And to end the week, we had a grand celebration to encourage our Special Olympic Athletes!

Nothing can stop true Blessings!  

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