Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mom Leader

so this weekend was much needed.  In addition to some high pressure situations at work, my friday began with a true Frankie Heck moment.

The Middle

It all started with our Leadership Awards.

(enter my son here)  
Those of us who have children who are most comfortable half naked and running in the wild, can relate to this story.  These children would rather die than sit quietly in a doctor's office, church pew, or classroom.  I can imagine when given any direction it sounds just like Charlie Brown's teachers, waaaa.. waaaa. waaaa.

I will spend my whole life walking a tightrope of allowing my child to be who he is while also teaching him to conform to certain universal truths.

Any opportunity that I have to come out and watch my children do anything school related is exciting for me (I'm a teacher.  I'm a nerd.  I'm a teacher nerd.)

For a full hour Friday afternoon I attended my son's Leadership Awards where children stand up and recognize two accomplishments and areas of leadership they have accomplished.  I really love it.  For an hour, my eyes teared up as I watched some of my former students proclaim they are 'reading books, learning multiplication tables, showing courage'.  Other students 'made the honor roll, reading counts, the most free throws', others 'can hold their breath, get organized, help their dad repair the car'.  It was really wonderful.  

Then it was my son's turn to get on the microphone.  I grabbed my camera, hit record, and waited to hear what Connor had achieved.  After all, he has worked so hard this year.  

In a clear and beautiful voice my son said... My name is Connor and I show Leadership in Kickball and Boxing.


BOXING!?!?  We don't box, we don't even WATCH boxing.   I knew what he had done.  He was paying attention to the headlines about the upcoming fight and had written that down WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT.  (I also question the amount of kickball that warrants leadership.)  

As the children broke into a beautiful song, my mind tapped out.

I wanted to take the mike and say, excusssseeeeeee me WE HAVE ACHIEVED SO MUCH MORE THAN FAKE BOXING.

-what about growing 6 levels in reading!?! in one year
6 LEVELS PEOPLE! DO you know how remarkable that is in a child who struggles in reading!?!  
-what about all of the scriptures learned in church....  (That T&T book is HARD ya'll)
-all the free throws in basketball.....
-the way you taught your sister how to write letters in her name....
-the way you persevere with your HW assignments....
-our first reading test score was a 22 in third grade... a 22.  I didn't know they scored that low. You made your first 100 on your reading test last month. I almost had the whole thing tattooed on my back.

My Cute Son, The Boxer

-what about all the BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS..... my BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS, and PRAYERS (mostly tears and prayers at the same time)

Where are the Leadership Awards for Mothers!?!  

Of course, boxing is way easier to spell than all of the above, so maybe C. has it all figured out.

After  the awards I did what moms do.  I walked over, gave C. a proud hug, and said 'your awesome'.  
Even if he doesn't know how awesome he is, I will spend my whole life telling him.
I have an awesome son and daughter.

Speaking of children with imaginations.  I had the best day with my friend J.  We enjoyed lunch outdoors on a beautiful day.

We then watched a performance at the Twin City Stage:  Anne of Green Gables.  It was fantastic.  I enjoyed the food, the theater, and most importantly a "kindred spirit"!

 Watching this reminded me of why I loved the talkative Anne (with an e), and it reminded me of the wild imagination I had as a child, apparently it is all hereditary.  

this quote is pure Connor

Speaking of other parents who will enjoy the Leadership Awards when the time comes.
Isn't it exciting that a new princess is born?

I am Frankie.

I love this video 

and the little kiss Prince William gives his son, rare for the royals to show affection.

 Last night I dreamed that Mrs. E. and I went to a dinner and Princess Kate was there.  I was explaining to her why she should take weekends off with a new baby.  After the Princess left I squealed in excitement,  'CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'!?!  Mrs. E. forgot to record it all because the iPad went dead and I got so mad at her.

My name is Amanda and my leadership quality is "princess".

Hey Baby George..I have the perfect princess for you (after she gets her law degree of course).

I have to go now.
Boxing Practice and all....


  1. Jessica Leigh JohnsonMay 3, 2015 at 6:06 PM

    I love you!!! You are such a great mother, teacher, and friend - and this is my FAVORITE blog!!! <3

  2. Thank you Jessica. I need the encouragement, maybe we should have our own awards. Love you dearly!!