Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day Treasures

These Two Treasures.... 
as opposite as night and day 
but share the same looks and remain as stubborn as stone!

Speaking of Stone, 
This weekend was filled with Mother's Day Treasures.
This year I encouraged Darren to help the children remember Mother's Day.
It's good for children to remember a little token of appreciation for different holidays and family members.

Perhaps I should have used better wording than 'a little token' .

Treasure #1:  Connor picked out this paperweight for me (yes, this lovely rock is all mine).
He explained that it would make me think of him (my beloved son) and the Holy Spirit of course.

Treasure #2:  Carlee picked out this angel for me.  Connor explained 'not because I'm an angel but because I like to read'.   
I've named her Scarlett (because of her green dress).

They thought it would match my Willow Tree Figures.
(I may have special place for Scarlett, a place where company can't find her).

Darren said they almost bought me a 'gag gift'.  Boy, I am so glad they went with the serious gifts.

Treasure #3:
They also each picked out a card for me.  Connor's card was equally as touching, a dog with a vacuum.

We've had a good time opening and closing that vacuum.

Carlee's card sums up her personality nicely:

This is the Fashion Diva room I was cleaning while everyone was shopping for me.  

Today in service we learned about the importance of being Mother, meanwhile Connor was coloring me a Hot Wheels Mother's Day Treasure #4.

The preacher encouraged everyone to fill in 'I Am Thankful for Mother Because'.....
Connor made a rhyme
'My mom is the best of all, 
because she takes me to the mall.'
very emotional

Treasure #5:
Baby A's Birthday 
(who is no longer a baby)

We had a BEACH BLAST.  
The day was just perfect for bubbles, laughter, and birthday cake.
Happy Birthday #3 A.

Treasure #6:
I hate my dress because you picked it out MOM.

Treasure #7:
Coffee Out & Gorgeous Mornings 

Treasure #8:
While Carlee and Darren were off to visit  MeMa, Connor and I had a picnic after service.

Treasure #9:
I took matters into my own hands and purchased this new 10.00 nail gel I wanted to try out.
Once I got it home, I realized you had to have 12.00 remover and a special red light for it to GEL.
Not it has to go back to the store.

Treasure #10:
At least I had a special dessert.  After the Beach Bash, the kids got a gift bag and THE MOMS got a gift bag.
Check out that tote and cheesecake.

Am I rich in treasure or what!?!

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.
-Psalm 127:3

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