Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Today our family enjoyed the Dog Games.

Things you should take with you to Dog Games:

1. sunscreen
2. full tank of gas 
3.  water
4.  cash money
5.  cell phone
(these are things we didn't take with us..... that we could have really used...we are never prepared.)

If I were a dog, this would be me.
Check out those jewels!

Dog Diving

Oh YEAH, catching some air!

Carlee really wanted to compete.

Sweet Advertising
It was hard not to adopt.

Carlee thought this was a horse.

Complimentary shades from Pedigree.

Connor trying to adopt all dogs without parent consent.

It was so hot, we needed an icy break.

Obstacle Course

There was little shade, 
but these pups are pros.
I broke into a sweat watching.

Kid Crafts
All donations went toward emergency pup medical bills for low income patients.

All ready to perform.

Mad Again

Frisbee Catch

Happy Dog Days

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