Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Halloweek


It has certainly been a Hallo-Week!


Hey Daddy, NO Sharing Halloween cupcakes!

Our class had a BIG time making scarecrows.
It seemed like a good idea at the time.....

 of course, as I was leaving, I realized it looks more like our room is being ambushed!  
I'm waiting for the police to be called because four shadowy figures are standing outside of our room at night.

Project- Pumpkin Book Report
Oh Boy was this fun. 
C's teacher had him pick a book, write a report, and design a pumpkin.

He wanted to chose a book he has been reading at night about Drag Racing.


He was so proud of his Drag Racing pumpkin.

Next up-  Costume Idea.
 I was invited to a Jungle themed party and a Good Bye Party!


I went as Jane Goodall.
I begged Darren to go as a monkey, but he is just not into parties.  That didn't stop me.
Off I went by myself as Jane!  While Darren watched our LIVE monkeys.

One NON costume party. One costume party.  

I just went in costume the whole time.

I heart this pic.
Mrs. L's family is moving (weep).  
I'm not thinking about this.

I'm just not good with change.

I immediately rushed to party #2, I could never choose between parties...
when I saw this in my mirror.

Talk about ScArY.  boo.
officer:  mam' did you know that you were going 47 in a 35 and you ran a red light?
ummm.  red? I thought they changed green light to orange light for Halloween?

I did what any self respecting woman would do. 
I flashed the monkey.

It was HIS fault.  He told me to go faster!
crazy monkey.

officer:  license and registration please.

summary:  I received a warning and better awareness of my speed and driving skills.
The monkey went in the trunk.

I thought I was in the clear until guess who passed me while I was being pulled over??
They were coming from a family volleyball game and saw the whole thing.  BUSTED.  I had to pull over again and explain it to the checkbook Nazi.
(it was the monkey I tell ya!).

Welcome to the Jungle.
Party #2

My favorite costume was Walt from Breaking Bad.  He looked just like  Walt!!

My friends Curious Georgetti and The Man in the Yellow Hat.

I was a finalist in the game Survivor (Jungle Edition) but I lost, it was the monkey's fault. 

Walt said he would "take care" of the winner so I could win but I let her live (this time).

Halloween Night:
My football player and my tiny Tinkerbell.

We tried Main St., but Connor hated the noise and the crowd (so much), we had to leave after the second store.

Soooo we went to back to school and did some quiet trick or treating and played on the slide until daddy got off work.

Then we had a BIG time.  
There were so many Trunk or Treats.
Connor had a good time getting candy and talking to people.

Connor:  Hey mom, instead of 'have a great night', I say 'have a great game'.  Get it, mom?  Have a great game, because I am a football player.
[insert- Have a great game 3000 more times.]

We ran into some friends.  
Cousin Super Girl, Cousin O., and Pal Kitty Cat. 

Today I am so tired. 
I am teaching my children about sharing (candy).
I am letting this one   
sit on my lap ALL day.  Like her clip on earrings?

Happy Halloween

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