Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crazy Hair

For our annual Make a Wish fundraiser, our school has a mixture of fun days that we can dress up for, some schools call it Spirit Week.  
My favorite day is Crazy Hair Day- otherwise known as my everyday hair.  I think all these hairdo(s) match my inner personality.

Here are some great CRAZY hairspirations if you ever need it:

Man, is it early,

but we are rocking the Crazy!


Pink Power 

Rainbow Bright

Hip Hop Mix

Blue Shark

Color Bands

Multiple Ponies

Side with Flair

Perfect Sections

Marmalade MoHawk

Cut Grass

Mrs. L.-
80s (love the scrunchie)

Danny from Grease

Electric Red

Sleepy Head

Heart Hair

Front and Center

Paint Splash

Washing In the Gray

Cindy Lou Who?

Spike Brothers


Sweet Curl

I fixed my hair crazy, but it looked like my regular hair, so I sprayed school sprit BLUE, added crazy earrings, and leaves!?!
Obviously I had no theme or coffee when I planned it out, but I remain crazy and that is the important thing.

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