Monday, November 11, 2013

That Thankful Time of Year

It's that time of year....

...a time of S'mores and fires....


Boyscout Time:
This year Connor is a Wolf.  I called my friend and asked if they always change scarf colors.  I was quickly corrected.  It is called a "neckerchief", and they change colors for pack, not fashion.

....a Time of change.  Literally Time CHANGE....
I want to sleep all day and all night.  I don't know what happened, but I must be part bear because I really want to hibernate. 

allllll the time

...a TIME of caffeine...
I've been doubling up on the caffeine, thanks to the AMAZING gift from my friend Mr. R.
YES.  I said gift- best gift ever.
(I've been rubbing it in kindly sharing pics with my friend ms. J who WANTs her own fancy coffee machine.)

I've only taken a few hundred pictures for her.  
I'm Mean

...a time of football....
Connor created his own football field with rocks from under the shrubs. 
(Yep, his dad made him put every single one back).  Go BEARS!

..a time of drama...
So my new co-teacher said she wanted to do a play with the whole class, and I'm like ...

We are all drama queens and kings.

It is based on this book.
A great book for children.
Sequence, Fall, and Fun

Speaking of Drama. is a time for Christmas drama....

I am playing the VERY diva Star- North Star in the church play.
I was very hesitant to take on another project, 
but I am so glad I did.  It has been so much fun.

The North Star is a cross between these ladies:
but with more clothing.

I had NO excuse.  I had to buy shoes for the role.
Cagney's mom overpaid me for books, and she insisted I keep the money, so I used it to help buy shoes. 
 for my role. it's important. a good cause.
That is sorta' giving to the ministry. 
 She should get a tax write off!!

..the time of Facebook Thanksgiving....
..come on you guys I know your NOT really thankful for 'taking out the trash' because it makes you appreciate  your life of abundance and symbolic for your growth and your thankful for your wonderful, perfect, providing,  good looking, working, spectacular, spouse for taking out the trash (keep it the bedroom ya'll).   
I'm kidding, it's exactly how I talk to my ice cream each night, I mean Darren, did I say ice cream?  :)

Really, it is nice to see positive things, and this time of year makes us all think about our Blessings in a different way.

This Sunday was rich in the Message and Blessings for me.

...a time for Operation Shoebox Christmas Child....
It was great to see how many of our own children couldn't wait to give to organizations like this one.

....a time for Church Pinterest Projects.....

Cornucopia Cones:  
a symbol of God's gifts of plenty

I played it smart.  Instead of buying three boxes, I bought four.

The first box was trial and error (12 cones).
  The whole house smelled of burnt cones.  

Here is the trick.
Dip your cone in warm water (I had a pot on the stove).
Microwave for 47 seconds, and immediately curl them under.  

Now for the filling! 
skittles, morsels, M&M, pumpkin seeds

You could use beautiful ribbon, but I had laundry to do.
Also, I used sandwich bags to cover, which was perfect because some children wanted to save theirs for later and they had a little bag to put in in.

Thankful Wreaths: I suggest a sturdy plate, and a case cutter to cut the middle.

I purchased about 200 leaves at the dollar tree for 2.00.

With a Sharpie- write your favorite scripture or things God has given you.
I encouraged them to think of untraditional things, such as the foreign man who had leprosy in Matthew Chapter 8.  He was the only one who truly understood and appreciated what Jesus had did for him.  
It took him being an outcast to truly appreciate and show thanksgiving to Jesus.   

a little decor for the family dinner

speaking of Blessed example-
this young lady held her own bake sale to raise money for the needy.
It is special when the children set the example for the adults.

Don't tell the deacons what is happening on this floor.

They did a great job!

I am Thankful for giggles from children.

....the time of my approaching birthday...

I'm not especially excited about this birthday.
My friendly coworkers have something special up their sleeves.

I am sure to find the thanksgiving in being older, MUCH older.

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