Saturday, August 18, 2012

Who Moved My Cheese Puffs?

This week has been full of challenges and blessings.  I have officially completed a full week of school!  I have spent all day trying to organize the house back so we can do it all over again next week.   I've been cleaning out teacher bags, book bags, church bags, and diaper bags.  I've ran the dishwasher TWICE.   I think the laundry is reproducing.  Also, writing in after school appointments, school deadlines, etc.  I need a weekend for my weekend.  

All I can tell you is this year my cheese is being moved.  My cheese is not only being moved it is being moved, processed, and mixed with enriched corn meal, ferrous sulfate, niacin, thiamin, etc.. My cheese is cheese puffs!

Cheese Movement #1:  I have moved my house my classroom into a larger room where I will be working and collaborating with three other specialist.  It was no easy job!

Before school whenever I would get overwhelmed I would just go to my desk to tape something.  You want to know why? Because a family at church bought me this......

Do they know me or what?  I've been so excited to TAPE things.  (I got to decorate my shoe tape with stick on jewels.  I was in heaven.)  
I have read and reread the note.  Encouragement goes a long way.

Operation New Room was Accomplished-

The students are certainly enjoying it-

Reward for hard work- OT!

Side Door= Beautiful Reading Day

                  read and recall

writing and leading

Cheese Movement #2:  I have a baby now.  That may be a simple five word sentence but let me tell you something.......  I'm having to pee while writing this blog while she naps for her fifteen seconds.

Princess is unhappy...again.

Cheese Movement #3: Mrs. E. is taking a leave.  Hurry Back Mrs. E- we are going to miss you!

Cheese Movement #4:  My son is in first grade.  Do you know what that means?  It means long spelling tests, my baby has to spell words from memory!?!  harder books, math WORD problems, lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!
Our conversation the first day of school:
me: do you want me to walk you to class sweetie?
c: nah
me: are you sure, I mean I can walk you, it will be no problem.  I can walk you real quick.
c: no, its ok, I know where to go.
me:  its the first day, are you sure you don't want me to walk you?
c: bye
me: ok, love you, have a great day. its going to be great.  all is going to be ok.  you’ll be fine....(I stop talking to myself, Connor is long gone).

(There is a reason Connor isn’t a jealous brother, he is most likely relieved I’m preoccupied.)

Mrs. N. has books that speak to boys also!  REPTILES
He couldn't spell one of these on Monday pretest I gave! so proud.

Cheese Movement #5:  I’m teaching T&Ts at church.   I opted to move up classes as opposed to teaching Connor.  I think we have established he is sick of me.   I was a little nervous until we had our first Awana meeting and I saw the list.....

...then I became frantic. Do you see all those little 'T&T's' words?  Count them- 22 TWEENS (to start)!  Don’t get me wrong I am the original DRAMA  TWEEN (I never out grew it), but do I have what it takes to grow this group spiritually?  get them excited about God?  become independent learners?  deal with flirtations!?!  Then I remember that Jesus performs amazing miracles.  For example, He did turn water to wine!  So I know Jesus will either guide me in the way to teach these children or turn my water bottle to wine- its a win- win!  I love being a believer.

So there you have cheese is now Cheese Puffs.  The good thing is I never met a Cheese Puff I couldn’t eat! (Does that sound inspirational or weird?)  The point is I plan on cutting my cheese.....wait,  I mean, I plan on being a human mouse trap...tackling my cheese challenges.....  oh never mind.

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