Saturday, August 18, 2012

Healthy Living Experiment

I know that diet sodas are bad, bad, bad...but I've been drinking the REAL sodas for 34 years. 
Switching to diet is helping me slowly reduce my sugar intake.

when cravings are too much, I eat a tbsp of p.b.

view from morning walking

view II
when I have time, a walk helps me relieve so much stress

dinner + nachos= portion control
filled a small platter and no more

Resisted Darren's two birthday cakes all weekend.
The old me would have cleared half a cake at this point.

New daily lunch-
spinach leaves, chicken, mushrooms, 2 tbsp of blue cheese dressing,
tomatoes, almonds, eggs, olives, and 1 tbsp of cranberries

Down 10 pounds!

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