Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy 5 Months Carlee

Happy 5 Months Carlee

-Lots of drool but no teeth yet (we will put up with all the wet bibs for the love of the toothless grin).

-Still very fussy after feedings, even with special formula and medications.  Looking forward to days of NO FORMULA.

-Enjoying all of your new expressions (I see a toddler in you).

-I don’t want to say your a bit of a spoiled princess, but you know what you want and if you can’t get it we can hear your screams for miles.  You also bow your body in the most dramatic fashion that would make Shakespeare proud.  (Strong willed child #2 anyone???) 

-It is easy to make you laugh, gurgle, and squeal.  Listening to you laugh is my favorite pastime.

-You are major pushing up- perhaps closer to crawling.  You get VERY ticked when you can’t move forward or we put you in a chair for too long.

-You can now independently reach and grab (and taste test) things (anything could go in your mouth) including my hair.

-You are starting to develop a degree of cause and effect.  Peek a Boo is so much more fun than before when I uncovered my eyes and you were staring at the ceiling fan, game forgotten.

-You are currently taste testing rice, green beans, and sweet potatoes (enjoy rice the most).

-Not quite an independent sitter or independent bottle holder but very close (you fake the bottle holding but when I let go-  Bottle Down, Bottle Down!!!).  

-You are the most special girl to us Carlee Anne!

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