Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Time

I have been hard at work.

As you can see, I have been very busy writing Thank You Notes for all the wonderful gifts given to Carlee.  I am about 10 thank you notes shy from being complete (that is not symbolic or a metaphor people).    I think note writing is a lost art, and I think my first five were written beautifully.  However, at this point I am lucky if most of my notes 1. make sense and 2. don’t have ‘riddiclous’ spelling mistakes.
my hand hurts
Not only do I need to complete my thank you notes, I also need to start planning this year’s Vacation Bible School, and finish laundry, etc.  I like to joke we are getting high at church this year because our theme is Sky.  (It is important to know some people don’t find that funny in church.)
Must Get Prepared
Currently I am what you call in some countries 'muy flojos' (I think that means ‘very lazy’ in Spanish because that is what my Spanish teacher said to me a lot in highschool). 

Instead of working, I decided to take a nice, long bubble bath
It takes a few minutes to adjust, but I love the bath pillow!
and finally read some of these books.

This one started a little on to the next book for now....

A bit predictable, but I love Mary Balogh, and the heroine doesn't have baby spit up on her shirt.
(It is also important to know that when one wants to relax you should never read anything too thought provoking.)
You may ask, Amanda Dear, how do you get to relax in a bathtub and read a book with a new baby???
Well the answer is this:

Who needs lullabies when you have a blow dryer?
Some crazy person filmed themselves using a blow dryer (white noise) for a half hour, and another crazy person (me) looked it up on YouTube. I placed the computer by her head, and this had Carlee snoozing like a….well like a…baby.  YES. My brilliant mind at hard work again.  Score one for mom and zero for screaming baby (at least until 2:00am).

dreaming of being the United States President with
good hair and even better styling products


  1. Getting high at church this year. hahahahah I love it.

  2. thank you, I'm here all night.