Thursday, December 18, 2014

Twas the Night Before Secret Santa

I was so very excited to do Secret Santa at my school this year!  I got the name of a friend and had such fun getting her things.  
We had the best time at lunch laughing about Secret Santa too.  It was really funny when people would begin to complain about their gifts in front of their very own (unknown) Santa.  HILARIOUS.  
I of course hit the Secret Santa jackpot, making my excitement at a level 11 all week!!!!
I began to get on people’s nerves right away because I just HAD to find out the identity of my Santa! 
Tomorrow we reveal who our real Secret Santa is but I have a pretty good guess who mine is already.

Twas the Night Before Secret Santa
and all the through the school, 
not a creature was stirring
except for this fool.

The gifts were all placed
in the mailboxes with care,
hoping in anticipation
that my Secret Santa was there.
I love my coworkers and friends!

The children were nestled
all safe in their desks,
while this certain teacher 
would not put things to rest.

Heeding ample warnings
and gathering my clues,
it all gave Mrs. E. 
the Christmas blues.

When out in the lounge
there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my room
to see what was the matter.

Away to the window
I flew like a flash,
I had to find my Secret Santa 
no care to being rash.

I narrowed my suspects
it had to be someone nice,
who else would remember I loved pink
not once, but twice??

lovely scarf with matching SPA socks
To what do my wandering eyes
should appear,
but the first grade pod
suddenly it became clear.

With a placement of my tiara
I was so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment
who may be my St. Nick!

I proclaimed.
Then I shouted 
calling suspects by each name:

Now Leeann,
Now Cathy,
Now Elizabeth, 
Now Beth,

On Marie,
On Ellen,
On Cindy, 

holding my breath……

my suspect lineup

To which they shouted 
To the top
To the bottom
of the floor,
Now Dash-away
Dash-away to the door!!!

suspect list II

The warning was clear:

sweet dear.

“Go away, go away, 
get out of my face….
if you mention Secret or Santa 
I will punch you in the face.”  -Mrs. E.

coal from secret santa,
this chocolate was last seen in a first grade room

BUT I’ve almost guessed it!!!
I’m hot on the trail
oops, I forgot to give out my own Santa gifts…

my gift lineup for my Santa recipient that I nearly forgot to give out per day

Now was the time to to come face to face, 
I was so excited, 
I was winning
 the Santa race!

She was dressed all in red
her eyes feigned surprised, 
she tried to lie, 
but I could see a secret in those eyes.

snowflake necklace and jeweled bracelet

A heart of gold
from her head
to her feet, 
I have the best (#1) Secret Santa 
that can’t be beat.

Diamonds, Snowflakes, Chocolate, and more
every morning was exciting, 
OH My Secret Santa I do ADORE!

Her eyes
How they twinkle,
Her smile how merry,
Her cheeks
Were like roses
The magic CHRISTMAS fairy.

She sprang
from her desk without a word or pout,
suddenly I really begin to doubt….

But I heard her exclaim
as she rushed out of my sight.....

Merry Christmas to all, 
Sechrist is crazy BUT RIGHT!!!

My Guess For My Secret Santa

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