Saturday, December 13, 2014

Independent Boy?

There is a time in a parent's life when you begin to teach more independence.  Some children are born independent.  Some children are born strong willed.  There is a difference.  

Since we are very close to double digits, I have begun the process of allowing more independence.

For example, 
in preparation for the BIG Christmas Play tomorrow night, I allowed Connor to go get a boys' cut.  I stepped next door to purchase a few gift cards for Christmas while he got the job done.

"Mom I told them I wanted my haircut like the guy who was eaten by an anaconda."  -Connor

I can't even... I.. (sigh)
A Shepard like no other.

(I did come in time to stop discussion of purple powder hair dye.)

Lesson #2
While I shopped for a few Secret Santa items I requested Connor go and find something special for his sister from himself.

I found him walking through the aisles....

telling people he was about to be eaten by an anaconda "I like anacondas, not the Nicki Minaj anaconda because it isn't nice". 

I can't even... I.. (sigh)

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