Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sechrist Christmas Letter

Hello Dear Family and Friends, 

As 2014 comes to an end, I reflect on the year and remain thankful for so many things, including our family and friends (that still talk to us).

Let me start by updating you on the youngest of the Sechrist clan:  Carlee.
Carlee may be the youngest but still tries to be the one in charge.  She brings us much joy on a daily basis.  Here my sweet darling is an angel in the Christmas play
....just like in real life (most days). 

Here she is again, ticked off because we wouldn’t allow her to eat the Germ X at church.  Perhaps the preacher stepped on her toes a bit much, but we are trying to teach her conflict resolution as a better choice over drinking Germ X.

We are very pleased to report we have said good bye to diapers but hello to Frozen underwear.  Who knew choosing between Elsa and Anna underwear would be just as complicated??

Our Sweet Carlee is learning so much in her preschool.  She is counting, singing, and her teacher has taught her how to spell her name.

Technically it sounds like she is spelling T-A-I-L-D-D
but our family philosophy is “Close Enough is Good Enough”.

Next, our Connor is quickly growing into a handsome young man and remains the best big brother.

Connor began third grade this year!  Just last week I asked him to get his pencils and books for homework and he pulled this out….

need I say anymore about third grade!?  I don’t think so.

Connor is also keeping himself busy with church and basketball.  Technically he hasn’t won a  basketball game or made a shot, but over church’s way we are lucky God doesn’t require fine motor skill to be on his team.  Connor made us all very proud as the very LOUD shepherd  #2.  

Connor's biggest aspiration in life this year is to be eaten by an anaconda (apparently you don't have to pass the EOG for this job career).
Thank you reality TV for watching my child while I cook dinner.  

Anaconda Catcher

Our part owner in the Sechrist CEO,  is still hanging out.   Darren has had a great year, though still upset about the cancellation of GM High-tech Performance because they were the only magazine that showcased Turbo Buicks, but he still bravely gets himself out of bed daily.

Darren has successfully stayed at his carport job, and he has also successfully worked through all seasons of the Andy Griffith Show for the 18th time.  Darren has also kept up his campaign to be the only living human not to set up a Facebook account.

This year Darren gave the whole neighborhood a Christmas present, two days before Christmas:

Now the whole neighborhood can go outside and actually smell roses on our laundry day!  Merry $300.00!

As for me,  things are looking up, up, and up… by up I mean the scale. Someone is going to have to surgically remove the Hershey Kisses from my hands.

Being the wonderful and amazing person I am, I continue to manage the family and work, all while watching all the latest episodes recorded on the DVR.    

Work is going fantastic, just before break one of my students identified the old couple in the Gingerbread man as “Mrs. Sechrist” and “Mrs. E.”  if that tells you how well our looks are holding up.

I was very fortunate to go on a few family trips this year.  Our Disney trip still bring me a lot of great memories.  I love this picture most because Darren is smiling, and he usually considers Disney a place that rhymes with Bell.

Here my friends took me on a beautiful day trip for my birthday.  It was such a relaxing day and I was the center of attention.  It only took three of my friends to force me back in the car when it was time to go home.

Overall you see that we’ve had a great year!  We wish all of our family and friends a very Blessed Christmas, and we thank you all for being in our lives as we laugh, cry, and shout together.  We pray that you all have a year of love, health, and gratitude (I also pray you have wrapped more presents that I have at this very moment, gifts:  20  wrapped:  0).

With Love and Good Tidings,
The Sechrist Family

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