Saturday, September 7, 2013

Welcome to Monster U

Welcome to Monster University, where we are celebrating a special monster....


After watching the movie Monster University this summer, I thought it would make a great birthday party.

Connor and I started brainstorming in the car that day.
With the start of school, the party came upon us quickly, but we were still able to do some of the ideas we thought of that day.

Thanks in large part to my...
Cray Cray Energetic Pal, who made the party this year!
She brought all her cool OT stuff so that we could have the 
Scare Games Relay Race! 
(hugs and I am jealous of your energy)

I made the invites and 'Thank You' postcards on the computer this year.
I really thought they turned out good. 
I made a little book so that the children who couldn't make it were still able to make a Monster Student ID badge and fill out a Monster University diploma for fun.

I am the Dean of Students!
(of course)

 Let the Future "Scarers" Enroll!

The School of Scaring

I found this poster on sale, and it matched the same clip art I used for Connor's invite!

Monster Carlee
Carlee reminds me of the little girl-Boo- in the first movie.

Mock scare station at the School of Scare.
This is for young Monster's In Training.
All of the children practiced their screaming and sneaking skills here.

In Monster's U, all student "Scarers" practice before going through a real door as a portal to collect the screams of children (by the end of Monsters Inc. they realize they can collect laughs instead of screams to get power).

Connor made a few "portal" doors for us.

I thought something was missing, so I looked online, and I added a few scare canisters.
These canisters capture the "screams" at Monster's Inc.  
(I slapped them together using paper towel rolls.)

These are for any bad monsters lurking.

Of course, all we have here are GOOD monsters.


Let the Scare Games Begin.....

Ms. OT. working the kids in the Scare Relay!

Oh dear, there were a few lurking bad monsters somewhere.
or maybe it was the Dean...

(not me of course).

Go Monster Students! 
You want to graduate don't you?

Pin the Eye on Mike
(with a literal spin, you have to roll to him on your belly first...)

Darren said I got all of his good ties out of the closet.
A small price to pay for Mike's eye!

Hazardous Water Bomb Practice
(200 balloons- 2 hours- gone in 10 min.!!!)

Everywhere we go Connor takes his shirt off...
for no reason.  
He says he is 'showing off his muscles'.
I think he must imagine himself as this:

but the shirt had to go back on regardless.

Water Ballon Time with Daddy
(This girl has him wrapped up tight.)

Monster U Cafe:
After all of that work, it was time to eat!


Although this was a lovely and delicious cake, next year I'm seriously thinking of buying the 8.99 kit and Duncan Hines cake mix.  
Cakes are so overpriced!

To Drink:  Monster Energy Drinks (Of Course)
Monster U Water + Purple/Green Hawaiian Punch Mix= 
Wild Monsters

 Although, I think the real GIFT is children playing/laughing together outside,  C. received the most
lovely and thoughtful gifts from friends and family.
He was over the moon.

Somehow he talked us into a skateboard.
A very CHEAP skateboard.


Lucky the grandparents covered the gear.

Monster ...


in the HOUSE!!!

Gift Bags:
we glued a google eye and sketched a smile on a small lime green bag to recreate Mike.

Party Crasher

Poor Frog, he must have escaped to Montropolis through the door portals.
H./C. Grandma and Grandpa made sure it was released peacefully. 

Thank you graduates for attending MU!

As always I thank God for letting us share this treasured day 
with family and friends-
the village that 

Happy Birthday Connor-
We Love You, You Little Monster.

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