Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Bye Summer

Good Bye Summer

Last Summer Movie:

Trampoline Park:

Carlee was in a delightful mood.
She had two "favorite" jumps:

1.  the death stare

2.  the 'my life stinks right now' jump

Wake Forest:

Shoe Shopping:

...and yes we did find high heels 
(we didn't dare buy them of course)....

...but it was fun to try on $20.00 baby high heel shoes (yes, 20)!
My baby loves shoes, and while this is very exciting for me, 
we had a budget and we could not find one pair of good fitting sneakers for preschool!

While we didn't find shoes, a lovely mommy at church let us borrow some she had at her house!

I found some sparkly shoes at the thrift shop!
I think the young folks call it "popping some tags".

Lizard Invasion:

Lady Teacher Friends

Last Lunch Out:

Big Brother and Prissy Sister:

The Itsy Biggie Bitsy Spider Blocked Tutoring Entrance:
(we went via front door)

Last Tutoring- It was a blast!
Now C. wants to live in an apartment like Ms. A. with a "pet spider and a neighbor who raps and rides a bike!".

Pool Day:

 Airplane Watching:

Ice Cream After Dinner (or Before):

Good Bye Paci:
Seen Here 'THE ADDICT' has found the paci that hooks to the nebulizer.  
Like a true addict she will take the cheap stuff.

Road Trip with Dad:

He takes his racing seriously.

(I still think shoe shopping is cooler.)

Church Blessings:

Two talented women at my church made one of these for EVERY teacher!  It made me feel so loved and appreciated.  

I thought they were so beautiful and very helpful in the classroom. 
Especially the glue sticks.
 (Basically primary students think gluing a colorful circle down requires the smashing of an entire glue stick using drill like technique.)

I thought I would be helpful and deliver one to my neighbor (the local tutoring/sub/volunteer/fellow book club'er'/ teacher)! driving got in the way!

I made quick work with the masking tape.


I don't think she noticed. 
All is LOVELY, and she was every bit excited to have her school cake. 

Mascot Lunch Notes for 2nd Grade

Paperwork for School= 
Equivalent to taking out a Business Loan.

My Second Grader-
Last Year of Primary School 

Happy Back to School Friends

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