Thursday, August 8, 2013

Week in Review- Staying Dry!

The rainiest summer EVER....
(mother nature waited until I had two children in doors for this)!
There are fall leaves falling in front of my house!  This weather is CRAZY.

My summer is almost finished.  For me the summer ends, when school work begins.
I keep asking Connor if he is excited and ready for second grade.  He just clams up and gets tears in his eyes.  We pretty much avoid the topic.  My heart breaks because those worries surely look familiar to me, but you can't force a child to talk to you about things.  When you broach the subject they look at you like you are:

It's like I NEVER went to elementary school.

(Second/Sixth grades were my favorite out of all K-12 grades.  I loved those teachers!)

Big changes are coming for the upcoming school year.  
I don't know what kind of changes yet, but I'm excited for possibilities.

I've already begun webinars, meetings, two tech workshops, and classroom cleanings.
School starts earlier and earlier for each teacher (without pay).

Thanks to the RAIN.  Not a lot going on lately at my house.

Except for
One tooth gone, and then

two teeth gone.
(right where the vampire teeth go).

Now that connor is into the whole tooth fairy stuff (money for teeth), the second he gets a lose tooth, he wiggles and pulls at that thing to death until it comes out immediately.


The long walk to daycare for the very first day.

Connor: "she is going to have to sit in the corner all day like I did!"
(thanks for calming my nerves connor)

I almost cried...

and then connor almost cried....

but then he laughed when I took his picture.

We took in the movie Turbo (not the scary movie he is pointing towards).
Turbo was so cute, I would watch it again!
The music was fun, and the storyline was neat.

We had Goobers and popcorn, and

we had the WHOLE theatre to ourselves!
We pretended it was our house and this was our movie room!

Carlee was so happy to see us, and she had a nice week at daycare!

Brother was so happy to see her, he took her for a spin in her Luvs sponsored race car!

(Connor made this picture layout himself without my help.)

Adventures with Cousin O.
Check out these two agents-

This week we visited a new store.  
We bought these gummy sharks in honor of Shark Week on Discovery Channel!

I caught someone playing a tune outside!

Trying to schedule one last meal with many of my girlfriends before summer's end.
This gal picked me up, and I had the most relaxing, fun, silly time!!
She taught me a lot of Spanish Words (I think).

These girls are coworkers from my first year teaching, and we have remained friends.   I was super excited to learn one of these girls will be joining my school next year! yayyyy.

(I'm gaining some serious poundage with all these 'fun' girls! Good food, good friends...I just can't turn it down.)

Connor has enjoyed racing season this summer!

I remember his dad going to the race in the summer each saturday while I was pregnant with Connor.  I loved it because I stayed in, laid myself on two huge pillows, had a cold drink, and watched my favorite show- McLeod's Daughters (an Australian Soap Opera).  

It was the best show about two (very different) sisters who operate a ranch.
I always wanted Nick (the next door neighbor) and Tess to get together.  They finally married season 3 (and I had to watch that on youtube three years later to find that out)!

This was many summers ago.

Every night this summer, Connor has gotten in my bed, we turn the air condition really low, cover up with all these blankets, and watch TV before bed.  Darren doesn't care for television or movies, but we like a good show at night.

This is our favorite show.
I love Nick Cannon the host (funny).  I am amazed at what a good judge Howard Stern turned out to be, I've always heavily disliked him, but he does a good job on the show as a judge.

I will leave you with this Dance Off (man do we need to go outside for a while).
Whew! Off to enjoy my last few weeks of summer.

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