Saturday, August 24, 2013

The BFF Facebook Picture

 It is no secret that we are a society that is obsessed with capturing every moment on film and camera.  I've actually put my camera away quite a bit this summer, and I've forced myself to enjoy the moment.  It was hard at times because I love to take pictures of my kids.

However, all rules go out the door when you have to capture the MOST IMPORTANT picture of all:  The BFF Facebook Picture.
It's definitely a girl thing.  I've never observed my brothers, my husband, or male friends try to get the "perfect guy friend" Facebook picture.  I like to think that it's because we women are so wonderfully complex (and we like to look pretty).  
Last week I went to dinner with my beautiful BFF and I told her I wanted a picture of us together.  
Below is the challenging, scientific, trial and error process for The Perfect BFF Facebook picture:

Take #1:
I look like I've consumed a bag of illegal amphetamines.
Forget it, we are taking another.

Take #2:
Holy Cow-
 am I alert now!!!
I look a tad too excited about eating out.

Take #3:
Oh No!  
My chin is way too high, you can count my nose hairs!

Take #4:
ummm, My chin is too low.
I look like a serial killer.

Take #5:
Where is the top of my hair?
I look like a little old man with a comb over.  
Too much face.

Take #6:
head in the right place (check)
chubby cheeks look slimmer (check)
natural "glow" from editing (check)
wrinkles edited out (check)
shadows enhance instead of making me look creepy (check)

There is nothing I love more than a natural picture!

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