Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall

Happy First Day of Fall

Today was just beautiful.

I really needed to be working on back to school stuff (that I should have completed at back to school time), 

but Mr. Potato Head told me that the day was too beautiful and the children too precious.  Blame him. 

We needed go into Fall with a new haircut of course.

 A sucker helped it go a little better.

My sweetie pie is so loving she shared her sucker with the hair monkey 
(and by hair monkey I mean every kids' hair in the universe was stuck to that monkey... I'm not thinking about it).

Unfortunately, we got stuck in a FALL storm, and it ruined the 'do'.  
Between the black eye, the purple sucker mouth, and the wet hair...
we felt it was time to call it a day.

There was precious time to spend the day with a fellow loving and relatable mom!
Love You T.

More Rain

Life is too short not to feel the rain every once in a while!

Air Show Ready
As you know noise can be scary for this guy, but we prayed together that God take that fear away so he could enjoy his day.
God is Awesome.

It was an Awesome Day.

Pilot in Training

Footballer in Training (with dad for protection)

Fellow Spectators for Leaf Watching

Taking Care of Baby
(I bet her baby won't get a black eye).

Another spectator, 
watching out for Connor as he is about to turn the bend on his bike.

Cool Breeze and Sunny Day

You know what goes with Fall weather?

A perfect day for shopping!

I picked up a few leaves for you.

We heart Fall.

Praise our God, all peoples,
    let the sound of his praise be heard;
Psalm 66:8

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