Friday, March 15, 2013

Party Time

Welcome to Carlee's Birthday!

First Stop- Nena and Papa's House

Ears for Carlee (that Mama Wore)

Minnie Pudding


Party Prize

 Aunt S. and Great Mema

First Year

Great Mema


What is that?

Hey, not bad!

Minnie Mouse Cake

YEAH! Toys= Ching!

I am Minnie Mouse

I have a lot of people that love me.

My brother isn't too happy now.

Mrs. E. comforting Mr. C. (who had a bit of the green eyed monster).

Cagney Came!

And Lt. Bert Came!

All this party wears me out.

Same Expression

Gift Stop

Lots of BAY-U-TE-FULL Stuff

We even made a little section of the paper- Sweet Carlee.

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