Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bookmark Day

When my friend Ms. C. came to me and said she wanted me to take a day trip for her birthday, I was thinking 'im-poss-ible'.  The weekend is the time that I put my pieces back together to start the whole week all over again.  I know the past few weekends I have been ill, testy, and moody.  I know its because I have not felt I've had much of a break.  The work is just endless.  There is always, always something to do.  So basically I really tried to work it out to spend the day with Ms. C.  Of course I waited until the last minutes, so everyone I called to babysit was busy for the weekend. Big thanks to this AUNTIE who helped me out BIG time by watching not one baby, but one baby and one Connor with her one daughter!!!

Of course Aunt J. brought out the big guns.  The way to Carlee's heart= Cheese Doodles.

AND the way to Connor' heart= Wrestling Matches on the Bed.

Let me just say for the record I AM SO GLAD I WENT!  Even though I'm totally sick today due to my allergies, rain, and entering spring weather...I sound like Darth Vader.  My main staples today are my inhaler, tissues, and singular meds.  
I am still so glad I went.
We loaded as many girls as we could fit into the van and just had an amazing day.  The weather was gorgeous.  The conversation was fun.  We decided to dress up in St. Patty Day attire.
We laughed until we cried.  Of course we had to take my old dented van to fit everyone.  The poor van.  The air broke in the back, the window got stuck, the side seat kept unhooking from the floor.  It was awful, but hilarious.

One thing about our little group, we are all going through different "chapters" as one called it.  
A new (and amazingly young looking) grandmother relearning life as a single.  One empty nester, with her last baby leaving for college this year.  One finishing the last treatment for cancer with a high school senior and a young college student.  One adjusting to life with new baby #2 and demands of work and family.  One restarting life with two young children and owning her own business. One juggling with many changes including illness with a family member and emerging tweens.  One adjusting to children entering adulthood, coming to terms that we can't make decision for them that will effect their whole life (even though mama is truly always right).

Every chapter carries their own joys, heartaches, and surprises.  Every page merges us into the people we are, the people we are meant to be, and make our stories.
I just loved listening to everyone speak about their changes, their joys, their struggles....I just kept thinking in my mind....   Yes I understand, yes I can imagine, yes I know what you mean.   
It just felt so good to speak freely in a nonjudgmental atmosphere where others truly understood your point of view.  I think all of us (man and woman at any age) need that type of atmosphere at times.
God designed women with such unique perspectives and abilities.  We are really amazing creatures that hold a lot of things together.  We carry a lot of feelings and emotions.
In the words of Ms. J.- Women can't dwell in one chapter.  You have to finish a chapter and move on to writing the next.  
Such is life.
If this day were a page in my book, I would bookmark it, because it would be such a nice read.

Other profound quotes by our group of ladies:
(in response to the back seat unhooking from the floor):
Every van needs a rocking chair.
Just throw it out the window and sit in the floor.

We need a picture in a field.  It's just a hop over that barb wire.

Hold on.  She is hung in a bush.

Excuse me, mister?  Were you just talking about free wine to my friends up there!?!
No Mam' I said Green Wine.  They have Green Wine today.
Well Shoot.

Will you pay attention?
I was trying to take a good picture of my glitter nails.

I really don't like my silhouette in the sun here.

My shamrocks are touching again.

Had anybody taken a picture of my foot tattoo?

I'm ready for ruby sleepers.

Yes.  Your green weave is still in.

Wow. We are in high class with these Oyster Crackers.  All we have at home is Saltines.
I know.  My daughter thinks company is coming when I pull out the Oyster Crackers.

(in response to the wine tasting, in which you rinse to not mix flavors):  I don't want to rinse my glass.  You lose wine when you do that.

Bella Misto- Beautiful Mix.
Yep.  That is us all right.

This is a dead end.
J. I drive this way from work everyday.
Are you kidding me?  I have never seen this road in my life.
This better not be a dead end.
We are lost again.
Those Vineyard signs are so tiny.
Why do do they make them so tiny?

Where are we?  Are we going to be home.
In the middle of freaking nowhere.  We are in NoWhereVILLE.
We are never getting home.

I am sitting in the moving chair and it will not move.
She has it locked and loaded.

(sitting in the van) This panoramic view is amazing.  Just LOOK at this panoramic view.

I thought I looked really awesome Friday.  I showered and blow dried my hair. Then a teacher asked me if I had 'been through a windstorm'! Then I got home and my leggings were turned inside out. I'm serious, you could see the seam!

That bridal party didn't look like they were having fun.  They were just young and beautiful.
Do you hear yourself?  They don't have to have fun. They are young and beautiful.
I bet they are not laughing as much as we are...
I've got to go to the bathroom.  I bet that beautiful bridal party doesn't have to go to the bathroom as much as we do.



First sign of spring- flip flops.  I had to paint my toes.  So then Carlee kept trying to stick her foot on mine.  So I painted her toes.  Isn't that little foot so sweet?

Midmorning Snack:
Fresh Juice, fruit, and Pinwheel Appetizers
It was so good.

Happy St. Patty's Day

I saw C. had Green Glitter Nail Polish in her bathroom,
 and I had to steal it right away and put it on my nails!

Stop #1

The Pretty Bridal Party
(the very quiet Bridal Party)

Beautiful Weather

Stop #2

I think this was my favorite stop. 
 I really want to go back and do a tour of the whole vineyard.

The scenery was really gorgeous.
Vineyards are so romantic.

Welcome to my little vaycay home.

Little Walk

We found a tiny frog just singing his heart out.
We are officially OVER winter.

LUNCH- was really good.
Chips, cheese, turkey, spinach, olive oil
all provided my Ms. C.
We left the cake at Ms. C's home. :(

I think the ladies were ready to dump my van and trade in for this ride!

Blue Skies

Stop #3  

It is amazing what people do with wine bottles.
I could never be that creative.

Quaint Little Place

People were very friendly.

Bookmark Day
(do you see the pencil in my hand, I'm writing down quotes)

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