Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Carlee

Lordy, Lordy look whose.... one!
Happy Birthday Carlee!

I'm sad, I'm happy, I'm excited, I'm depressed....
dear sweet Carlee Anne is already a year old.
Boy did the time go fast.

See her fast growing year here
What a difference a year makes!

Carlee you are such a blessing to our whole family.

-You are a lot of fun at this age.
You like to look at books, press buttons, and play patty cake, peek-a-boo.  You can cover your face now and be an active player!

-You have four teeth, with three currently coming in now.

-You crawl with your two back legs straight like a walking for you.  Too Risky.

-You often have separation anxiety if I leave you with a sitter or at the church nursery.  

-You like to jabber and talk.  You say 'dye, dye' for bye bye, da da, meme/mama, and you are practicing blowing kisses.

-I love your backward wave.

-You love bath time but you stand in the water for the first five minutes before sitting.
Very Cautious

-When you stand independently, you clap and say "YAYYYY" like you have heard us do so many times.

-You are more helpful when getting dressed (raising your arms), eating (feed yourself with hand foods), and of course you can handle the bottle like nobody's business.

-You like to play games on the iPad.  You try to look under the iPad for the animals...wondering 'where are they??'

-You are beginning to understand 'NO',
 and boy do you hate the word.
Temper Tamptrums at age 1- Oh My.

Drama Queen Example:
This is in response to NOT getting the iPad in my bag.

-With the 7 year age gap, your brother thinks that you are his little doll.

-I love your interaction together and you have trained him to be a great brother.

-Of course the second I stepped out to throw the laundry in the wash, you both had all the baby wipes out and throwing them on the ceiling fan. 

-You have been rolling the ball back and forth with meme.

-You don't really have a blankie, or a special toy, but you do love the pacie.

-Still not sleeping through the night.  On average you wake up three times.  
Mom definitely needs to implement sleep training over spring break.

Carlee we love you so much, we are very excited to celebrate your birthday with family and friends who love you too!

You are #1- and you know it.


  1. This is so precious to read, and she will cherish these blogs one day, I think it's wonderful.