Thursday, March 8, 2012

40 weeks and an A+ Farewell

Today I worked my final day at school (until May).  40 weeks pregnant and I made it, Praise God and people who are so helpful!!!
Now the Time is Up.  I shouldn’t word it like that.   Time is here?  (does that sound better)
Carlee will be here tomorrow! 

Connor is very excited that he is going to be a big brother…so much that when I asked him this morning “are you excited about your sister coming?”  he said “I’m more excited about no homework tonight.”  When I picked him up today, I said “are you excited about tomorrow?”  His response, “I’m excited I get to wake up and play with my toys.”  (Not really the direction I was trying to take him, but he is probably very sick of hearing 'are you excited to be a big brother?'  Besides he will find out very soon….we are getting company and she ain’t leavin’.)

Today my class threw me a little baby shower.
Oh Boy were they excited!  They all made me cards with a pink cake and pink frosting and Mrs. E. made them a little basket to give me with baby items.  They all wished me a sweet good bye.

There was lots of discussion today, my input was not needed of course.  These are the quotes I wrote down from my K-2ers….
-Where do babies come from?
-From the stork, DUH.
-your not suppose to say DUH.
-Nuuhhh, uhhhh…they come from Heaven.
-They are going to cut that baby out of Mrs. S. with a knife.
-Are you going to die Mrs. S.??  I hope you don’t DIE!
-she isn't going to Die.
-Where is the baby now?
-IN her tummy, that is why she is fat.
-Yeah she is BIG, BIG, BIG.
-Mrs. S.’s feet are puffy, I’ll get a chair.
-I’ll get another chair.
-How is that baby coming out?
-at the hospital, DUH.

The kids all created a card that showed ‘Things the kids said they would miss about Mrs. S.’…
-“giving us stickers”
-“because we just will”
-“because she is the best”
-“her son Connor”
-“her baby”
-“helping us count money”
-“helping us learn”
-J” (no comment)
-“doing math with her”

I love the picture that shows I AM THE ONE crying because everyone misses me.

At the back table with my maternity substitute:
Student:  “Are you going to be Mrs. S.?”
Mrs. M: “I guess so, when she has her baby.”
Student:  “Well, now you need to take your shoes and socks off because that is what she does.”

Whoever said students with special needs aren’t both observant and astute have obviously never spent any amount of time with children.  

I would be lying if I didn’t say Mr. Anxiety began to visit me again…about two days ago and hasn’t left. 
feeling my head with the worst case scenarios and the what ifs…..
I've been asked how excited I am many times this week, and I am excited, but also a do I word this... SCARED OUT OF MY MIND.  I AM about to have MAJOR surgery and a human life is being removed (WOWZA).
But I’m trying to boot Mr. Anxiety out of my head and not let it rob my joy, and it has been a wonderful pregnancy.

As my students would say, 'don't worry, more cake please, DUH!"
Sometimes the teacher is the best learner!

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