Sunday, March 18, 2012

Special Delivery

I’m suppose to be working on Thank You Notes right now, but then I thought…oh my, oh dear, I better blog immediately.  (Not to avoid thank you notes of course, but to update everyone with all the important info., besides I only have 1000 more to write.)  
Carlee Anne is a full week old!  She came into this world a healthy and stout 10 pounds.
Praise God the procedures went well and everyone is healing nicely.  With the exception of low blood sugar at birth, Carlee seems to be a healthy girl.  Of course if worrying was an Olympic Sport I would be a gold medal winner, and I'm already worrying about baby #2.

I have forgotten all the work involved with an infant. 
I just now had a 3 minute shower and clipped my toe nails and I felt like I had spent the day at the spa, and that excludes time to brush my teeth.

I have been working diligently at nursing Carlee.  I nursed Connor and I really feel it is what is best for baby if able.  It’s the only thing organic I’ve ever did for my children.  To think of all the hard work you put in, only to see them scarf Oreos later in life. 
I have never felt so sorry for milk cows.  Every one to two hours I have to feed Carlee (night as well).  As Connor calls it “Milking” Carlee.  I on the other hand am wore completely SLAP out.  I cried about seven times while watching a Real Housewives of Orange County Marathon on Bravo TV and an episode of Power Rangers.  Who knew they were such emotional shows!?  
I am seriously keeping a careful check of the way I feel.  Due to the lack of sleep and lack of control I experienced with Connor, I suffered mild Postpartum Depression.  I always felt too embarrassed to mention how I felt.  I was afraid I sounded like I was complaining when I had so much to be thankful for…I felt silly for feeling sad and bad.  I felt like a crappy mother.  This time I am being more vocal about help I need.  As much as it pains me… I am also allowing the house to look like an episode of Hoarders so I can try to rest more.

Of course with a new baby brings visitors.  So they get to see me look like this 

and my house looks like I don’t understand the word vacuum.  Still, my family, my church family, and coworkers have looked right past those flaws (and perhaps my breath) and have only asked us how they can help, what meals they can bring, and offer well wishes and prayers over Carlee.  It has been very touching.

Connor is adjusting.  He views Carlee in the same way he views his pet lizard-  really cool and neat but best left inside a cage for viewing.  Connor seems most bothered by the fact Carlee has no teeth.  He did offer up some worms for her yesterday.  I was able to catch him before anything got in Carlee’s bassinet and was able to redirect the worms to a better home.  
I was surprised at how fast he allowed dad to takeover.  He has requested his dad for   everything now, which is good, but also annoying.  Helloooo, remember me…I’m the one that always washes your favorite jersey to wear with your favorite jeans!  I’m the one that reads your bed time story with all the voices!  I'm the one that stayed up ALL NIGHT for four years!!!  I know, I know... Time to Let Go woman.  Still, I am very proud of the little fellow, he is doing good with all that is going on.

Mostly, we have all been falling in love with this little squirt.  Even though my head is pounding and my chest feels like it’s been run over by a monster truck and I'm a little panicked my pain meds are dwindling.... nothing beats looking into that little face.  It’s one of life’s JOYS.  As I rock her, I whisper all the important things she needs to know about…Dads are suckers for hugs and kisses, never trust a guy with over gelled hair, orange never goes with red, and sometimes its OK to wear your heart on your sleeve (even if people say you are weak and an over sharer).  

One thing is for sure, Carlee is certainly a special delivery from God.

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