Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Strep Throat (and The Black Swan)

Sickness has fallen upon our household.  For the first time in his life Connor has strep throat causing him a lot of stomach trouble.  I thought his appendix needed to be taken out the way he cried.  I don’t think he realized what was happening.  It is so awful to be sick, and I am so glad it’s temporary.  I have been doomed with ANOTHER sinus infection.  My lovely allergies have made sure that I have a sinus infection every three or four months….so I’m use to it.  It’s all part of my 'nerd'nes, I’m allergic to everything.  But the part where it feels like an elephant is lying on my face is kind of uncomfortable.  Darren is the lucky one because he never, ever gets sick.

So us two sickos have been stuck at home with little energy.  We have been catching up on some television time.  I’m not trying to be negative but if I have to watch one more episode of The Fresh Beat Band 
Peppy times 1,000!!!

I’m throwing the TV out of the house, and that includes the Moose A. Moose between shows…. who constantly talks about the dang dog Bruce who you shouldn’t pet unless you ask for permission (we get it ALREADY).  I swear I can write better children’s programming for a lot more than what I’m getting paid now.  Luckily C. fell asleep for a few hours, and thanks to the XXL Sprite I just drank…I can’t sleep.  I decided to catch up on some of my movie watching. 

I noticed that The Black Swan is on HBO this month.  This movie got rave reviews and I love ballet and Natalie Portman…so a win-win.  The premise is about a talented ballerina who is challenged to play both an angelic white swan and an evil black swan in an adaptation of Swan Lake. 
Nina from the movie Black Swan

So after the first five minutes I realized I needed to be the type of person that drinks cappuccino, quotes Thoreau, and wears a hat like this
You know the "DEEP" type

because I didn’t know what in the toe shoes was going on with this movie???  I  just wasn’t into an eighty five pound ballerina who peels back her own skin, who works with a perverted director, plays mind games with the studio hoochie mama,  and who lives at home with an even more psycho mother. Now I thought if someone gave that girl a cheeseburger she would be A-OK and dance beautifully, (it’s my answer to everything), but now I see that she is ummm...bird flu crazy.  
I found myself Googling the meaning of the movie while I was watching it (which is a bad sign), but apparently The Black Swan is a creative psychological thriller about how one dedicates and gives themselves up for their ART. 
Lord, bring back MOOSE A MOOSE!!!  When she kept pulling feathers off of herself,  I knew she had more Red Bull stash than I had in order to watch the ending. 

Don't mind me, I'm growing a few black feathers.

I mean she literally turned into a black swan (but it was really in her mind, get it??).   So basically this is what her inner metamorphosis looks like- 
The Black Swan at Last!  coo coo crazy, but beautiful

As I type this creative blog I find myself giving over to the art of blogging…that's right PEOPLE I’m giving over to the alchemical Great Work, the occult path to illumination……..I just looked in the mirror and this is what my inner metamorphosis looks like…

How did I guess I wasn’t going to be a beautiful swan?

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