Sunday, January 25, 2015

What to do on a Cold Weekend

We haven't had very much snow (good for me, bad for the kids) and the winter has very been mild this year.  This weekend we got hit with a cold burst.

What is there to do on a cold, sunny weekend?

Make homemade cookies of course!
This recipe is yum. yum. yum.

Make a Zoo


Do some paperwork. (gross)  Anyone else feeling some deadlines creep up?

DATA notebooks

Play Some Ball MAN
Watching Connor's basketball skills develop has been so rewarding! 

And the shot went IN

Go on a Date
(and be back by 8pm so you can watch Grease!)

Buy some new bedding!
(don't you love it?)

Our old one had cotton coming out of the sides.  
It was time.

Listen to Barbie Jokes

Did you hear the one about Ken?  haaaaa.

Have a Monster Jam Finale at Nana & Papa's House

Take Care of the Baby 
(in an adorable Snowflake Dress)

Sunday School Lesson
Remember when your parents use to say 'get over it, life is not fair'.  
They were NOT kidding.
Life can be unfair.
It seems some people can get by with all kinds of crazy things in life.

I made a few of these cards for myself.
Before you have a reaction, ask yourself 'Does this interfere with God's Work?'
More than likely our overreactions and over emotions will take us away from God's careful plan. 

Like I tell  my children:

And give it to GOD!

Take the Wheels out for a Spin


 Dance Baby!  Dance!

Somehow when I do a figure 8 with my hips, it just doesn't look as sexy as when Mak does it.
I mean,  really all I can manage is more like an L with my hips but I am trying!

Read a Magazine

I have no idea how this happened but I have been receiving yearly subscriptions to like 6 magazines at work!?!
I don't know how I got these but did you know I am a LOVER of magazines?
Oh yes, I don't buy them due to my budget,
BUT I do love them!!  
What a great surprise.

I watched this touching TEDtalk.

Did you know I once met Elizabeth Smart?  
I didn't know who she was and my very first thought of this girl was:  there goes a perfect girl with a perfect family, not a problem in the world. 

 really.  I remember thinking that.

All I saw was a beautiful, blond, blue eyed girl.  She was smiling and happy with a doting and well dressed family.
They stuck very close to each other and they were getting their picture made before me at the Hope Awards.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was Elizabeth Smart.
We never truly know a person's journey.  
Thank you God this girl is alive!

 My weekend is far from over....
I have to go feed the Panther Shark now.

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