Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Match Made in.....

I have to say- what a day!
I. am. exhausted.
Phase II of my day is just beginning.

I have a heck ache (that area between your neck and head) from information overload.

I saw this joke and it is pretty funny.

Communication is so important to life.   
I really understand it most when I am trying to convey important information to my kids, my students, my friends, and my husband and they don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Communication is KEY.

One great highlight of the day was throwing our new BOY coworker a BIRTHDAY PARTY.  
It was a quick party but can I say I had the best time laughing and planning it with my GIRL coworkers.

We love to tease Mr. M. about his fun social life.
(hey, we are boring married folks, we want to know what the young people do now)

Mr. M. loves his bowties!

We decided to secretly throw him a Match.com themed party with suggestions of fun dating sights he could join!

For example:

Sugar Mama.com

height:  Tall Enough 
weight:  Wow!  Wow!  and Double Wow!
Counting my Moolah, shining my jewels, and fluffing my boa.


The Toothbrush is overrated.


Thank you for being a friennnnddddd, travel down the road....


Gardening, Love Nature!, Snake Wrangling, Choir Singing, Being Tempted
special interests:  
Hanging out at the Ark


name:  Joanna Deere
favorite food:  Deer Meat
favorite movie:  Silence of the Lambs, The Deer Hunter


Hobbies:  Staying up allllll night (with my 7 kids who keep me awake).
The more the merrier!  

We are totally scary.  How did we really get married?
(I guess dating can really be this scary.)

Thank goodness Mr. M. is such a great sport with all of us crazy women.

Happy Birthday Mr. M!!!

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