Sunday, August 17, 2014

Summer Fireflies

This is it folks.
Monday it is back to work for me.
My children are exactly one summer older.

My summer memories are like fireflies.  When I was little I would run around the yard barefoot trying to capture as many fireflies as I could in a jar so that they could bring me light.

My Summer Fireflies

Fourth of July Float


Leader of the Jungle Clan

(he shot this photo himself in hopes it will be his album cover)

Yogi Love


(more to come soon)

Freedom School
Potty Training Graduate

Thug Life...
is what happens when you've been on the chocolate milk too long

Party Time w/ Friends


Why do they even make banana flavored?
No one eats those.

The very first time 
on the 
Water Slide!

whoooo!  hooooo!
1 of 45 times that day.

Age 2 going on Stubborn....
a very CUTE stubborn.

Summer Evenings

Seedlings from the Library


I love pizza!

~Glitter and Glam Party~

Fire Pit Smores
Happy Birthday Darren!

We will miss you summer.

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